Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Movie Reviews

Bill and I watched two movies this past weekend -- Because of Winn Dixie and Racing Stripes. Both were really good!

Because of Winn Dixie was a heart-warming movie about a Baptist preacher and his little girl, Opal, who move to a small town in Florida, and the dog they take in (Winn Dixie) which becomes the catalyst for Opal to make friends with several of the town's outcasts: a ex - alcoholic recluse who is referred to as the town “witch”, a frightened, spinsterish librarian, a tough – skinned, lonely landlord, and a slow-witted guitar-strumming pet store manager with a prison record. The movie is beautifully acted and pulls at your heartstrings as it imparts a simple, but genuine message about people's loneliness and their need to connect with one another. Opal teaches them to “share the joy” and to come out of their shells and open up their hearts to one another as they have to her.

This movie touched something deep inside of me and I liked the depth of meaning and the message of love that this movie imparts. It was a “feel good” movie that appealed to me because of the simple truth it conveyed.

Racing Stripes
is a fun family comedy about a zebra named Stripes who is adopted by a young woman and her father. Stripes grows up believing that he is a racehorse and proves he has the heart of a champion by finding his inner thoroughbred and -- with a little help from the father, who is a former horse trainer, his daughter, and some barnyard buddies (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg and Dustin Hoffman, among others) -- competes for top racing honors in an illustrious derby (the race is held in Kentucky). It is a wonderful allegorical tale about the power of believing in yourself. It is not animated, but both animals and people alike are live characters. Computer generating talking effects are used for the animals, which makes it appear as if they are really talking. It was sweet, fun, and held my interest. The animals, especially Whoopi Goldberg’s character (a goat) were really hilarious.

Both movies are rated PG.

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