Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Open House

Today has been another busy day for me as we prepare for the big move. My friend and fellow Oblate Elias from St. Joseph Painting came to do some painting before the Open House this Sunday. He did an excellent job. Tommorow, Kevin will come to clean the carpets and, on Friday, Debbie will give the house a thorough cleaning. Next week will be spent packing and tying up loose ends here.

Please continue to join me in praying to St. Joseph for the sale of our home. Thank you.


thirsty scribe said...

Hi Jean Marie,

You mention being an Oblate of the Community of St. John. I once read something by their founder, and I am impressed. Unfortunately, they are absent from Canada, but maybe that will change.

Catholic Fire said...

To learn more about the Brothers of St. John, go here:

In Canada, you can contact the Brothers of St. John here:

Paroisse Saint Pierre
520, boulevard Bourassa
Saint Jérôme - Québec J7Y 1X9
Tel: 00 1 450 431 06 02
Fax: 00 1 450 438 30 57
E-mail: Address