Monday, November 28, 2005

50 Babies Per Year Survive Abortion in Great Britain

The weekend edition of the London Times carries a report on the latest British medical scandal: that up to 50 babies survive botched abortions every year in Britain.

Doctors are increasingly uneasy about aborting babies who could be born alive. “If viability is the basis on which they set the 24-week limit for abortion, then the simplest answer is to change the law and reduce the upper limit to 18 weeks,” said Campbell, who last year published a book showing images of foetuses’ facial expressions and “walking” movements taken with a form of 3-D ultrasound.

“If a baby is born alive following a failed abortion and then dies (because of lack of care), you could potentially be charged with murder,” said Shantala Vadeyar, a consultant obstetrician at South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust, who led the study.

Such kind, compassionate men these "doctors" are.

What do they think they're doing to begin with? Now their hands are caught in the cookie jar and there might be some negative consequences to their behavior. Watch out -- the _ _ _ _ has hit the fan and it's decorating them.


Anonymous said...

They don't seem to worry about murdering a baby, just being charged with murder. What will they think when they come to final judgement and God charges them with murder.


Anonymous said...

Just wait until they see what's waiting for them in Hell -- they'll be in really deep doo doo then!