Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Advent Action: Prayers Going Up For IL Pharmacists

After reading Jill Stanek's post about the suspension of four Illinois pharmacists without pay November 28 for refusing to dispense the morning after pill, I am fired up! The Holy Spirit has set me on fire to pray and fast for the conversion of Gov. Rod Blagojevich and for an end to this madness. Will you join me? "All things are possible with God" and I believe that this is the strongest action I personally can take at this time. If there is something else that the Lord wants me to do, I pray that He guides my mind, body, and heart and gives me the wisdom, courage, and strength to do it.

As Jill reports, "Earlier this year, Gov. Rod Blagojevich, during a fit of legislative fiatitis, issued an executive order mandating that IL pharmacists dole out these sometimes abortion-causing pills whether or not they had moral or religious misgivings."

You don't have to be an attorney to know that is a violation of their civil rights. I am no longer a resident of IL, yet I believe that as a Christian it is my duty to pray for all my brothers and sisters in this world -- to pray for their salvation, their healing, to pray for an end to abortion -- which is one of the greatest injustices in this world.

There are potentially 25 days before Christmas when we as Catholics can offer up our prayers, sacrifices, and Holy Communions for some special intention. Let us make Governor Blagojevich's conversion one of them. Then we will be one step closer to ending abortion.


The Holy Spirit just whispered in my ear. I spotted this in one of the comments on Jill Stanek's post:

For anyone interested in contacting Walgreens corporate:

David Bernauer,Chairman and CEO
Walgreen Company

200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL 60015 (847) 914-2500

Let's all write Mr. Bernauer a letter and tell him what we think of this and how we feel about the firing of these pharmacists. (Of course, doing it in a polite, respectable way.) I personally have been boycotting Walgreen's ever since I heard that they had threatened to fire pharmacists who didn't comply with the governor's new ruling.


Fidei Defensor said...

I'm with you, my next Rosary (probably on Thursday) will be prayed with this cause in mind!

John said...

I'm with you, too. Prayer and fasting are the major ways we can put an end to these abuses.

Joan said...

I am planning on contacting Walgreen's CEO in addition to prayer and fasting. They need to know that we won't tolerate this violation of Christian's civil rights.