Friday, November 25, 2005

Missouri Catholic clergy will oppose embryonic cell research from pulpit

This is a first. I have never heard a priest or bishop speak to their congregation about the dangers of embryonic stem cell research from the pulpit and, believe me, it was and still is a major issue, facing the people in IL. It makes one wonder what their afraid of -- if it's losing their congregation -- then it's too late, they have already lost them. If it's losing the money to pay for their churches, what good are the churches, if the truth is not spoken in them?

I am proud of these bishops in Missouri who have decided to speak out about the evils of embryonic stem cell research and are encouraging their parishioners to become involved in this issue. I pray that other Catholic clergy throughout the world will emulate them.


Anonymous said...

My pastor has no problem speaking the truth regarding embryonic stem cell research.
Why would a pastor not speak about it?

Catholic Fire said...

That's exactly my point. Why are they not speaking out on it? Why aren't other pro-life issues spoken about from the pulpit?

I am happy that there are some priests who speak on this topic, but I wish there were more.

Thanks for your comment.

God bless you,