Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas presents or presence?

Need a spiritual lift for Christmas? Read this.


onionboy said...

Canadian author Mike Mason wrote a book loosly based on the famous book by Brother Lawrence called Practicing The Presence of God; Practicing The Presence of People. It is one of a short list of books from my Protestant collection that I have kept because I have never loved others with the presence of Christ as I should not even as a minister did I love people except in my professional capacity which is really no love at all is it? Your link has caused me to pull this book of the shelf and to read it as I prepare for my first confession, my first time to experience the rite of reconciliation sometime in the New Year before I am my family are welcomed home to a Catholic faith.

Catholic Fire said...

Dear Owen,

Thank you for sharing this. It touched my heart. Welcome Home! I will be lifting you up in prayer as you prepare for your first Confession.

In the love of Jesus & Mary,