Wednesday, December 28, 2005

THE TEN BEST AMERICANS -- A Blogosphere Challenge

After completing the task of naming the Ten Worst Americans which was proposed by Alexandra of All Things Beautiful, I would like to challenge the blogosphere to an even more difficult task -- to name The Ten Best Americans in the past 200 or so years. This will challenge the intellect I am sure, so I am going to ponder on this one for awhile before I put anything down in writing. A few names are coming to mind, but only a few at this point in time, as it is the worst ones we hear about daily in our media and it seems to be those who are most evil attract the most attention. Those mentioned might be models for our future citizens -- someone you would want your children to emulate.


rhonda lugari said...

Archbishop Fulton Sheen. He was a great man and had a very magnetic personality. I was fascinated by him when I was a little girl. I even thought he had magical abilities. He definitely should go on the list, in my opinion.

Julie D. said...

I'm glad to see this focus as the "worst" ones really bothered me. Much more positive. :-)

Rick Lugari said...

I don't know if I'll have time to compile a list of my own, but I would like to see what you come up with.

I know I would have to make a concerted effort to incorporate those who aren't Catholic, but possessed some great merit like Reagan and Washington, etc.

Maybe include Thomas jefferson just to piss Julie off. ;)

Catholic Fire said...


The Lord gave me Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen when I was at Mass this afternoon. He gave me some other names during Eucharistic Adoration, as I was praying for discernment. Thanks for confirmation on that.


Catholic Fire said...


I know you are a busy guy, but I hope you do find some time, as I would love to see your list. You have some great ideas!

God bless,

Catholic Fire said...
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Catholic Fire said...

Thanks, Julie. I felt the focus needed to be more positive, too. It bothered me to list the 10 worst Americans, but I thought if some good could come out of it -- like prayer for these individuals and their conversion -- then it was worth mentioning them.

God bless you,

WICatholic said...

Solanus Casey, a simple porter, not even allowed to hear Confession or preach, yet touched more people in his lifetime than most could ever dream of. He and Archbishop Sheen, yes.

Catholic Fire said...

Yes, Solanus Casey came to mind when I was composing this list. He is a good one.


Boethius said...

Here are a couple suggestions:

John Wayne

Thomas Edison

James Madison

Bob Hope

Henry Ford