Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Ten Worst Americans List -- Revised & Updated

Alexandra of All Things Beautiful has proposed a challenge to the Blogosphere: to name 'The Ten Worst Americans' in the last 230 odd years. Normally, I don't care to point out the sins of others and prefer to look for the good in people, but I think such a list is useful in the sense that through it, we can identify people who are most in need of our prayers. In addition, compiling such a list will be useful to show future generations what not to do.

1. Bill Clinton -- a disgrace to the office of President; His blatant lies, numerous adulterous relationships, overall immorality, and irresponsible actions and decisions, which reportedly led to the deaths of thousands of people, qualify him as one of the worst Americans of all time. And, of course, he was and still is a big supporter of the culture of death. He was truly the worst American President we have ever had.

2. Hillary Clinton -- a total disgrace as the first lady; Her immoral actions (lies, manipulative behavior, and scandalous actions) and the role that she played in the corruption of the Presidental office, as well as her strong support of abortion qualify her as the worst first lady in this country.

3. John Kerry -- He held clandestine meetings with the enemy while still a uniformed officer in the US Navy, then followed that up with his Congressional testimony that defamed US troops, telling lies that still have not been completely corrected and still haunt American troops today. He was responsible for Congress abandoning South Vietnam, an action that cost several million lives in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. He also is undeniably the worst public example of an American Catholic. He pretends to be an authentic Catholic for the press and receives Holy Communion, while at the same time voting for laws which support the murder of babies in the womb.

4. Hugh Heffner -- As the founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, his hedonistic philosphy and ideals have corrupted millions of souls. He is one of the main perpetrators of the sexual revolution, which has corrupted our society today and resulted in its citizens contracting STD's and HIV, using contraceptives, and getting abortions. He has been extremely influential in destroying the family values and the morals of Americans for the past 52 years.

5. George R. Tiller -- America's most notorious abortionist who routinely performs late-term abortions on women and has killed thousands of babies. For more information on "Tiller the Killer", go here.

6. Charles Manson -- A psychopath, he was the leader of a group known as "The Family", in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Manson convinced his young followers of his apocalyptic vision and still has a considerable amount of control over some of the former family members who are still alive. He planned and ordered the family to commit several brutal murders, most notably the movie actress Sharon Tate who was pregnant at the time. He is currently serving a life sentence for murder in California's Cocoran State Prison, and is up for parole in 2007; due to his erratic and arguably dangerous and insane behavior, it is highly unlikely he will ever be released.

I would like to replace Charles Manson with Margaret Sanger, an American Birth Control activist, an advocate of eugenics, and the founder of the American Birth Control League (which eventually became Planned Parenthood). She is responsible for many more deaths than Charles Manson and had a major role in creating the culture of death in this country.

7. Michael Schiavo -- "The Husband from Hell" who legally tortured and murdered his wife.

8. George Soros -- A notorious criminal with money who controls the democratic party.

9. IL Governor Rod Blagojevich -- Uses his "dictatorship" to coerce others into complying with his pro-death agenda.

10. Senator Edward Kennedy -- A murderer who supports the culture of death and calls himself "Catholic".

Having said all this, I would like to request that each of you reading this pray for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional healing of each of these individuals. No matter how evil their actions are, they are still all God's children and He loves them. Let us pray for their conversion and the salvation of their souls.


Catholic Fire said...

I just wanted to add that while some murderers like Charles Manson and the BTK Kansas serial killer are imprisoned, others retain their freedom and even hold positions of "leadership" and "authority" in our government and are even revered by some members of society. Some of those "leaders" are listed here.

rhonda lugari said...

I didn't read your 10 Worst Americans list until now. I'm glad you listed George Tiller. I was "fighting" for him to be included in Rick's top 10. It's nice to know someone else sees the total evil that he is. The rest of your list is right on, too.

Bill said...

What about all the people who died from Aids caused by the tainted blood, with "altered" records, the the Arkansas prisons sold while Bill Clinton was Gov. there.

Tito said...

Now that's (a) FIRE!

I thought Catholic Caveman and I were the few that wrote what we thought.

Keep up the great work!

Catholic Fire said...

Thanks, Rhonda, Bill, and Conde for your comments.

Bill, I didn't go into specifics on Bill Clinton, but thanks for mentioning that.

Conde, I am usually pretty honest and straightforward about my feelings and beliefs. I believe in telling the truth -- too many people like to close their eyes to the reality of things. If evil is not identified, it can not be eradicated or at least alleviated.