Monday, January 30, 2006

Hillary Clinton: Perfect Candidate for PMS Documentary

Will Senator Hillary Clinton's next role be in a film about women's pre-menstrual syndrome?

The answer is yes, if Hollywood's Rosanna Arquette gets her way.
According to the World Entertainment News Network, the star of "Desperately Seeking Susan" wants to have the New York senator play a part in a documentary about PMS.

"I'm so fascinated about this. I have so many friends who are hitting 40 and are flipping out," said Arquette. "I think it hasn't been talked about so I'll be interviewing a bunch of people about it. I want to interview movie stars and rock stars, people on the street and then I want to interview Hillary Clinton."

Arquette has recently had success as a director with her debut documentary titled "Searching For Debra Winger," in which she examined actresses struggling to find meaningful roles after reaching age 40.
"I also want the men's response to it and how they deal with it because I think that will be funny. It hasn't been talked about in a way that could just enlighten people," Arquette told WENN. "When they find out that women's brains swell and it's physiological. I screamed so much when I saw this new commercial for birth control for women where you only have to bleed four times a year. What are they thinking? It's insane what they are doing to women."

I knew that Hillary had a talent for something -- I believe that she'll make a perfect candidate for this role. Do it, Hillary! Do it for women's rights. You go, girl!


Tito said...

Nice pic!

Catholic Fire said...

Thank you, Condi.

God bless you.

Silent Rain Drops said...

If Ms. Arquette is so fascinated, hopefully she will stumble on the fact that aggravated PMS is a symptom of PTSD induced by abortion.