Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fetal Pain Bills Advanced in 23 US States

A total of 23 US states have introduced fetal pain legislation – 19 in 2005, and four this year, which would require that abortionists disclose to women the reality that killing an unborn baby by abortion causes pain to the child.

Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin have all passed the bills, although Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed the legislation last month. Doyle claimed that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the bill failed “to reflect a consensus of medical opinion,” and “intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship in a heavy-handed manner.”

What about the intrusion on the unborn child? You certainly aren't speaking up for the person whose life is at stake here! In your eyes that child doesn't count, I suppose, because he/she is not a registered voter, Governor Doyle.

In Utah and Indiana, fetal pain laws have passed through the House and are en route to their Senates. This year, Arizona, Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma all introduced similar legislation.

The federal counterpart, The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, was introduced concurrently in the House by Rep. Christopher Smith (R-New Jersey) and in the Senate by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) last fall. The motions have yet to be acted on in either the House or Senate.

Let us pray that all this legislation which supports the weakest and most vulnerable among us gets passed very quickly. Please see my article on pain in the unborn child below.


Fidei Defensor said...

there have been so many pro-life bills passed in WI latley that we could have basicaly neutered the abortion industry, but Doyle vetoes every single one.

Catholic Fire said...

I have noticed that -- he must have the same spiritual virus that his IL neighbor -- Governor Rod Blagojevich -- has. I think it started on the east coast and is moving in a westerly direction. However, those in on the far "Left coast" caught it a long-time ago.

We need some pro-life governors in this country! Something else to add to my prayer list.

WICatholic said...

He vetoes anything that has anything to do with conscience/life.

Sadly, his excuse is not even good. In any other kind of surgery, we MUST give nearly any possible thing that could go wrong in the disclosure... the right to know... informed consent. But for some reason, people think that ABORTION is NOT SURGERY, and the woman is NOT entitled to know what is happening! For any other surgery, we MUST have parental consent (including ear piercing/tattoo, etc). But for a D and C, D and E etc... it isn't needed.

Heavy handed.... is Governor Doyle, not those bills. He is getting too much exercise of the writing hand.

I pray he gets voted out.

Thanks for letting me know!

God bless!