Sunday, June 25, 2006

Conversing with Jesus

Jesus tells us in today's readings not to be afraid, but to have faith when the storms in our lives approach. Today I am praying for...

all of us will look beyond the storms of our lives and gaze upon the face of the One who loves us, trusting completely in the power of His love for us, which fills our hearts with peace.

Heidi and her reunion with her biological mother.

that God's will be done regarding a great job opportunity for Eli in Colorado.

for my brother, Michael, a single father, and his teenage son, and their special needs at this time.

a lifetime of blessings for Nicole & Keith, as they are joined together as one in the Lord.

prayers of protection and God's providence for my relationship with a young man with whom M. is discerning marriage.

those stuck in lives of sin, that they may be given the grace and accept the grace of conversion to live in God, especially our family members.

that all people will reverence and defend human life from natural conception to death.

that legislators will labor to protect the weak, the innocent, the poor, the unborn, the marginalized, and those in most need.

the closing of all abortion mills, especially George Tiller's late term abortion mill.

the grace to live this week as instruments of Christ, seeking only to do His will, leading holy lives.

a special intention.

If you have any prayer requests, please contact me and I would be happy to pray with you and for you. Thanks for praying with me for the intentions above. God reward you!

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ukok said...

Joining with you in prayer for your intentions, Jean