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Arthur at the Angry Twins has a darling children's version of the Seven Sacraments.

Amy Proctor blogs about her appearance on the Montel Williams Show.

Suzanne at Big Blue Wave reports on the possible overturn of Doe vs. Bolton, which if overturned would signal the beginning of the end of legalized abortion in America.

Moneybags blogs on a new Christian movie coming out in December entitled "Nativity".

Catholic - Pushing - Sixty has an excellent post on St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.

College Catholic reports on his encounter with radical feminism/paganism when one of the founding mothers of 1960’s radical feminism, and an outspoken advocate for Gay Marriage and Abortion, Gloria Steinem, visits his campus.


Jay at Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate is having a birthday today. Go visit him and leave your greetings.


Madonna vs. Veggies: NBC's Anti-Christian Bent

(CWA) The NBC television network has made several decisions this season that are being viewed as anti-Christian. The network has cut references to "God" and the "Bible" out of the Veggie Tales cartoons it began airing this fall. Meanwhile, the network is going ahead with plans for a Madonna concert special to air November 12 that features her mocking the crucifixion of Christ by descending to the stage on a cross wearing a crown of thorns. Bob Knight, Director of CWA's Culture & Family Institute has more on these outrages, as well as the new NBC show "Studio 60" which also mocks Christians.
Click here to listen.

Read what Bill Donahue of Catholic League has to say about it

To locate your local NBC affiliate to complain visit:


God Our Father, Giver of life,we entrust the United States of America to Your loving care. You are the rock on which this nation was founded. You alone are the true source of our cherished rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Reclaim this land for Your glory and dwell among Your people.

Send Your Spirit to touch the hearts of our nation's leaders. Open their minds to the great worth of human life and the responsibilities that accompany human freedom. Remind Your people that true happiness is rooted in seeking and doing Your will. Through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, Patroness of our land, grant us the courage to reject the "culture of death." Lead us into a new millennium of life. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen!

Prayer for the Unborn

Lord,* Creator of Life,* You have blessed us* with the privilege of bringing new life into the world. Open our hearts and minds* to recognize Your special gift of children* and Your great love for each of us* created in Your image and likeness.* Through love* You sent your Son Jesus* to redeem us and through love* He entered our world as an unborn child in the womb of Mary,* His mother.* We now turn to Mary* for her prayers and intercession* as we struggle to protect* innocent unborn children from decisions that seek to destroy them.* Following Mary's example* as mother and disciple,* let us proclaim the truth of our faith,* assist those in crisis* and protect those most vulnerable, unwanted and unloved. Amen.

Eight Senate Democrats Flip, Kill Parental Notification Bill

Senator Ken Salazar (Co.)
Senator Tom Carper (De.)
Senator Bill Nelson (Fl.)
Senator Daniel Inouye (Hi.)
Senator Evan Bayh (In.)
Senator Kent Conrad (ND)
Senator Byron Dorgan (ND)

Senator Herb Kohl (WI)

WASHINGTON -- A bill to generally require notification of one parent before a minor obtains an out-of-state abortion died Friday when Senate Democrats voted overwhelmingly to block it.

Hours before Congress adjourned for pre-election campaigning, 57 senators voted to remove the final procedural obstacle to S. 403, which would have cleared the bill for transmission to President Bush for his signature. But 57 was three votes short of the 60 required under Senate rules to break through a procedural roadblock erected by the Senate Democratic leadership.

The Senate Democratic leadership had been obstructing the progress of the legislation for months. This week, pro-life Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tn.) made a bold attempt to overcome the minority's obstructionism by forcing the decisive cloture vote.

The cloture motion was supported by 51 of the chamber's 55 Republicans (93%), but by only six of the 45 members of the Democratic caucus (13%). The complete roll call can be viewed here.

The bill, S. 403, the Child Custody Protection Act, as it initially passed the Senate on July 25 by a vote of 65-34, would have prohibited transporting a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion, if this abridged the parents' right to be notified under the home-state law. However, the Senate Democratic leadership subsequently raised unusual procedural barriers that prevented the bill from going to a House-Senate conference committee. On September 26, the House took up the Senate-passed bill, added a provision to require an abortionist in any state to notify one parent before performing an abortion on a minor from another state (with certain exceptions), and sent the bill back to the Senate by a vote of 264-153 (under the title "Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act," or CIANA). It was this amended bill that the Senate voted on last night.

Of the 14 Democrats who initially voted in favor of S. 403 on July 25, yesterday eight flipped and voted to kill the parental notification requirement: Ken Salazar (Co.), Tom Carper (De.), Bill Nelson (Fl.), Daniel Inouye (Hi.), Evan Bayh (In.), Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan (both ND), and Herb Kohl (Wi).
The six Democrats who voted in favor of the bill on both occasions were Mark Pryor (Ar.), Ben Nelson (Ne.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Harry Reid (Nv.), Tim Johnson (SD), and Robert Byrd (WV). The four Republicans who opposed the bill were Lincoln Chafee (RI), Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe (both Maine), and Arlen Specter (Pa.).

"It is remarkable that only six out of 45 Senate Democrats voted to require a parent to be notified before an abortion is performed on a young daughter in some other state," commented NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson, who noted that the bill had exceptions for cases involving abuse, medical emergency, and judicial waiver of notification. "We commend Majority Leader Bill Frist for fighting to the end to free this legislation from the grip of a Senate minority, a minority that has preserved the ability of profiteering abortionists to keep parents in the dark."

The chief sponsors of the legislation are Sen. John Ensign (R-Nv.) and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fl.).
To view a letter from NRLC to the Senate that explains the provisions of the bill in detail, click

For other information on the legislation, including the full text (PDF format), summaries of state parental notification and consent laws, and other resources, click here.

To view NRLC's scorecard of all key pro-life roll calls in the Senate during the current Congress, click here.

To view NRLC's scorecard of all key pro-life roll calls in the House of Representatives during the current Congress, click here.

My Comment:

Let us pray for these eight men and for all those who voted against this legislation who support and are empowering the culture of death in our society:

Lord, have mercy on them! Come, Holy Spirit, purify their souls and give them wisdom to make decisions according to Your laws. Inspire them always to accept the graces You freely and generously bestow upon them and to chose Your will instead of their own. Please forgive them for the sin of serving as co-conspirators in the destruction of human life. We pray for their continuing conversion and for the salvation of their souls. Amen.

Lord, we lift up those mothers and children whose lives are endangered by the failure of on the part of our U.S. Senate to protect the lives of the victims in this situation and we pray for their protection from harm. Mother Mary, pray for them. Amen.

Saint of the Day: St. Jerome, Priest, Doctor of the Church

Saint Jerome, one of the four great Latin Doctors of the Church (the other three being St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, and St. Gregory the Great), was the pre-eminent scholar and translator of Sacred Scripture in the history of the Church. He was the translator of the Vulgate version of the Bible.

St. Jerome was born in Dalmatia around 340-342 AD. Having grown up a wealthy pagan, Jerome visited Rome at about 20 and was converted and baptized. He went to study theology in the famous schools of Trier, and later set out to the Syrian desert in order to live as a hermit. He was ordained a priest in Antioch and at the age of 40 he went to Constantinople, where he met and befriended St. Gregory of Nazianzus (one of the four great Greek Doctors of the Church).

He became the secretary of Pope Damasus, who commissioned the Vulgate from him, which took him 30 years to write. His harsh temperament and his biting criticisms of his intellectual opponents made him many enemies in the Church and in Rome and he was forced to leave the city.

Jerome went to Bethlehem, established a monastery, and lived the rest of his years in study, prayer, and ascetcism. Jerome died at Bethlehem, September 30th, 420. He is the patron of Bible scholars.

St. Jerome once said, "I interpret as I should, following the command of Christ: 'Search the Scriptures,' and 'Seek and you shallfind.' For if, as Paul says, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God, and if the man who does not know Scripture does not know the power and wisdom of God, then ignorance of Scriptures is ignorance of Christ."


Patron: Archeologists; archivists; Bible scholars; librarians; libraries; schoolchildren; students; translators.

Symbols: Cardinal's hat; lion; aged monk in desert; aged monk with Bible.


The Pope's Golf Game

The Israeli prime minister and the pope agreed to oppose each other in a round of golf. The match was supposed to promote friendship and understanding between the Jewish and Catholic faiths, but both men wanted to win nonetheless.

There was one problem. The pope had never played golf.

"Find a cardinal who plays the game well to stand in for me," he directed his private secretary.

"There aren't any who are very good," the secretary answered.

"But what about this? What if we make Jack Nicklaus a cardinal and have him represent you?"

"Sounds good to me," the pope said.

The arrangement was made and the match was played at St. Andrews. That night, the pope asked his secretary for a report. He was stunned by the news that Nicklaus had lost.

"Cardinal Nicklaus shot a 69, but lost by three shots," the secretary ruefully told the Pope.

"Who in the world could have beaten Jack Nicklaus on a day when he shot a 69?" the pope asked, incredulous.

"I'm afraid it was Rabbi Woods."


St. Kerry?

On a Saturday afternoon, in Boston MA, Senator John Kerry's campaign manager visited the Cardinal of the Catholic cathedral. He told the Cardinal that John Kerry would be attending the next day's sermon, and he asked if the Cardinal would kindly point out Kerry to the congregation and say a few words that would include calling Kerry a saint.

The Cardinal replied, "No. I don't really like the man, and there are issues of conflict with the Catholic Church over certain Kerry views."

Kerry's manager then said, "Look. I'll write a check here and now for a donation of $100,000 to your church if you'll just tell the congregation you see Kerry as a saint."

The Cardinal thought about it and said, "Well, the church can use the money, so I'll work your request into tomorrow's sermon."

As Kerry's campaign manager promised, Senator Kerry appeared for the Sunday sermon and seated himself prominently at the edge of the main isle. And, during the sermon, as promised, the Cardinal pointed out that Senator Kerry was present. Then the Cardinal went on to explain to the congregation --

"While Senator Kerry's presence is probably an honor to some, he is not my favorite person. Some of his views are contrary to those of the church, and he tends to flip-flop on many other views. John Kerry is a petty, self-absorbed hypocrite. John Kerry is also a serial liar, a cheat, and a thief. John Kerry is the worst example of a Catholic I have ever personally witnessed. He turned on his buddies in Vietnam. He wrote a book and portrayed himself in the best light when he was a traitor to his fellow servicemen. He has lied about his military record and had the gall to put himself in for a medal (including one that does not even exist). He married for money and is using it to lie to the American people. He also has a reputation for shirking his senatorial obligations both here in the chruch, in Washington, and in Massachusetts. He simply is not to be trusted."

The Cardinal completed his view of Kerry with, "But, when compared to Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Kerry is a saint."

Friday, September 29, 2006

Pro-life Quote of the Day

"As far as abortion is concerned, it's part of the fifth, not the sixth, commandment: 'You shall not kill.' We have to presume this is obvious and always stress that the human person begins in the mother's womb and remains a human person until his or her last breath."

~ Pope Benedict XVI

Art exhibits, new book honor Pope John Paul II

Rome, Sep. 29 ( - Nearly 18 months after his death, Pope John Paul II remains the subject of intense public interest, as new books and exhibits in Rome attest.

On September 27, an exhibition of artwork honoring Pope John Paul II was opened at the basilica of St. Mary of the Angels, with Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the former Vatican Secretary of State, present for the opening ceremony. The exhibit features the work of the painter Giuseppe Afrune, who produced a number of portraits of the Pontiff.

In October, the society of the Divine Savior will open another commemorative exhibit, at the Cesi palace near the Vatican, recalling the 28 years of John Paul's pontificate. This exhibit will feature the works of Lorenzo D'Andrea, who sought to captue the personality and charisma of the late Pope in his artwork.

On October 3, the Edimond publishing house will release a book entitled John Paul II: secrets of a pontificate, by the journalist Franco Bucarelli. Prominent among the officials expected for the book's launching party is Msgr. Slawomir Oder, the postulator for the cause of John Paul's beatification.



True story of a young woman’s struggle with an unplanned pregnancy and her search for truuth, highlights society’s false ideas about happiness. In the face of this young woman’s dawning realization that actions have lifetime consequences, she learn ther e is abundant life, love, and hope when the teachings of the Church come first in making a moral choice.

Sunday October 1, 2006 6:30 AM Eastern Time
Sunday October 1, 2006 3:30 AM Pacific Time


Program about women coming to terms with the emotional and spiritual effects of having had an abortion.

Sunday October 1, 2006 5 PM Eastern Time
Sunday October 1, 2006 2:00 PM Pacific Time


This story looks into the heart of a young woman who deals with an unexpected pregnancy by having an abortion. This story is de dicated to all women that have suffered the pain of abortion in hope that they can begin the journey back from death to life and from pain to healing.

Sunday October 1, 2006 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Sunday October 1, 2006 6:00 PM Pacific Time



The Second Annual Worldwide Fatima Sanctity of Life Day, from the National Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Washington New Jersey. Events include the Rosary, Holy Mass and talks by Fr. Andrew Apostoli, Alan Keyes and many more.

Sunday October 8, 2006 10:00 AM Eastern Time
Sunday October 8, 2006 7:00 AM Pacific Time

For more Special Programming Information, go here.


September 29, 2006 - A new Catholic activist organization, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, has issued a voter guide that will be distributed to Catholics between now and election day. Commenting on the 12-page booklet is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

“The voter guide is a slick attempt to get the abortion albatross off the necks of Catholic Democrats, but it’s a failed effort—the noose is still there. Instead of listening to James Carville and Paul Begala, who have counseled Democrats to drop their opposition to parental notification laws and their support for keeping partial-birth abortion legal, the best Catholics in Alliance can do is say it is opposed to abortion. But it makes it painfully clear that it will never join any effort to ban any abortions, including partial-birth. Alexia Kelley heads the new group, and in 2004 she worked as a religion advisor to John Kerry in the closing weeks of his campaign. Kerry is an advocate of keeping partial-birth abortion legal.

“On p. 9 of the booklet, it criticizes many pro-life candidates (it puts the term pro-life in quotes, as in so-called pro-life candidates) who are nothing but talk. ‘On the other hand,’ it says, there are pro-abortion politicians who ‘support effective measures to promote healthy families and reduce abortions by providing help to pregnant women and young children.’ There’s the moral equivalency: it’s okay for a Catholic politician to give a green light to a practice that kills a baby who is 80-percent born, just so long as he’s against trans fats.

“On August 2, 2006, Catholics in Alliance issued a news release urging the Senate to raise the minimum wage, an issue which the Catholic Church has no official position on, one way or the other. But the group has no statement urging anyone to vote against partial-birth abortion, an issue which the Catholic Church officially opposes. The best it can do is say it opposes the ‘root causes’ of abortion.

“Despite what Catholics in Alliance says, there is a moral hierarchy of issues, and as important as ending poverty is, it does not rival the right of a child to be born.”



The three Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are the only angels named in Sacred Scripture and all three have important roles in the history of salvation.

Saint Michael is the "Prince of the Heavenly Host," the leader of all the angels. His name is Hebrew for "Who is like God?" and was the battle cry of the good angels against Lucifer and his followers when they rebelled against God. He is mentioned four times in the Bible, in Daniel 10 and 12, in the letter of Jude, and in Revelation.

Michael, whose forces cast down Lucifer and the evil spirits into Hell, is invoked for protection against Satan and all evil. Pope Leo XIII, in 1899, having had a prophetic vision of the evil that would be inflicted upon the Church and the world in the 20th century, instituted a prayer asking for Saint Michael's protection to be said at the end of every Mass.

Christian tradition recognizes four offices of Saint Michael: (i) to fight against Satan (ii) to rescue the souls of the faithful from the power of the enemy, especially at the hour of death. (iii) to be the champion of God's people, (iv) to call away from earth and bring men's souls to judgment.

"I am Gabriel, who stand before God." (Luke 1, 19)

Saint Gabriel, whose name means "God's strength," is mentioned four times in the Bible. Most significant are Gabriel's two mentions in the New Testament: to announce the birth of John the Baptist to his father Zacharias, and the at Incarnation of the Word in the womb of Mary.

Christian tradition suggests that it is he who appeared to St. Joseph and to the shepherds, and also that it was he who "strengthened" Jesus during his agony in the garden of Gethsemane.

"I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord" (Tobit 12:15)

Saint Raphael, whose name means "God has healed" because of his healing of Tobias' blindness in the Book of Tobit. Tobit is the only book in which he is mentioned. His office is generally accepted by tradition to be that of healing and acts of mercy.
Raphael is also identified with the angel in John 5:1-4 who descended upon the pond and bestowed healing powers upon it so that the first to enter it after it moved would be healed of whatever infirmity he was suffering.


For more information on the Archangels, go here.

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Prosecutor says pregnant 10-year-old failed to trigger assault investigation

Via WorldNet Daily
Posted: September 28, 2006
By Bob Unruh

My Comments are in blue.

Kansas Attorney General
Phil Kline believes that it is his job to see that the laws are followed, but he ran into a brick wall when he concluded the laws that apply to the abortion industry, such as reporting an assault when a 10-year-old has an abortion, ALSO must be upheld.

He soon found out why: hundreds of millions of dollars that American taxpayers each year turn over to Planned Parenthood, a leading provider in the abortion industry.

So now he's working on taking that wall down, one brick at a time. He told WND in an exclusive interview that he's not giving up, and he'll win because the law is on his side.

"We've got them on the hill they will die on," he told WND in an interview. "They are defending abortion clinics as safe havens for child rapists."

When he was elected in 2002, he noticed a peculiarity of laws in most states and jurisdictions.

"Nobody has been willing to enforce the abortion laws against Planned Parenthood," he said. And some of the situations just screamed for attention.

For example, when there are abortions performed on underage children, by law and by definition there has been a sexual assault on a child. In Kansas a person under 16 legally cannot consent to sex, and abortions cannot be performed past 22 weeks. However, those cases simply weren't being reported, he said.

He started working, watching the situation, developing evidence, and assembling arguments. Soon he found that, just like in many other cases ranging from assault to homicide, he needed the medical records to pursue his investigation.

In court, he sought the redacted clinic records from 90 abortion cases across the state.

It was as if the world fell in and he discovered the reason why the opposition to his work was so fierce.

Under federal rules, the abortion industry leader must follow state laws regarding abortion, notification and other issues if it is to get tax money each year from American citizens – an estimated $227 million this year alone, Kline said.

We are paying for $227 million worth of abortions each year with our tax money! $227 million for abortionists to slaughter babies! This madness has to be stopped.

So any prosecutor who is looking into situations that potentially could have legal implications, such as late-term abortions that don't meet the specified state guidelines, or those abortions administered on underage girls where no assault report is filed, the industry's reaction is going to be serious because of the potential threat to the cash flow.

In Kline's case he was opposed for his views on abortion during his first campaign, attacked when he started his work in office, and still is being attacked as he's seeking re-election in a few weeks.

His opponent is Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison, who is trailing Kline by a few points in many polls to date.

The matchup has Kline highlighting Morrison's authorship a bill that shortened paroles and released prison inmates early, and citing a Kansas Department of Corrections memo explaining that the bill allowed 800 criminals to be released early and thousands more have their paroles shortened. More than 1,500 have since revisited Kansas' court system, "and those are just the ones we caught," Kline said.

Morrison, meanwhile, portrays Kline as someone who wants to invade women's privacy by seeking medical records from abortionists.

Morrison is a nominal Catholic whose candidacy is financially supported by George Tiller AKA "Tiller the Killer" Wichita's late-term abortionist who earns $15,000 per late-term abortion and is paying Morrison to "look the other way" when it comes to abortion regulations.

Absolutely true that he wanted medical records, Kline told WND. Absolutely false that he was seeking medical records that are identifiable to a particular individual. He said he just wants records that can be inspected to determine whether a "medical provider" at an abortion clinic is, in fact, following the state's various laws, just like many other cases.

He recognizes the reason for the opposition. He noted that Planned Parenthood at one point listed him among the group's "domestic terrorists" list because of his work.

Tiller is the real terrorist in this situation and so are Morrison and Governor Kathleen Sebelius as his cohorts.

"They want my scalp," he told WND. "(They want to say) this used to be an attorney general, so any of you AG's thinking about enforcing the law, this is what will happen to you."

Of course they do! Tiller the Killer is determined to do abortions and make his megabucks and nothing is going to stop him! He must have control. He doesn't care who he hurts to maintain his powerful position. If Kline goes in there and determines that Tiller is protecting child molesters and rapists that will put a real dent in Tiller's plans.

Solution: Get Kline out of office and put your puppet Morrison in! That way you can commit all the crimes you want and protect all the sexual molesters and rapists you care to in order to continue making your megabucks killing babies.

An Ohio woman, Jennifer Jiroux, who works with Citizens for Community Values, told WND the nation needs more prosecutors like Kline. She cited as an example a recent case in which a 12-year-old was taken to an abortion clinic after an assault by a soccer coach, an assault that wasn’t uncovered until some teachers overheard school children teasing the 12-year-old.

Where are those individuals who are supposed to report sexual assaults on children? she wondered.

Kline said one other AG, Steve Carter of Indiana, also is filing charges for such cases, and others are watching closely.

How Kline got the steamroller going was simple in Kansas. It's a commonly used procedure in which prosecutors have a proceeding in front of a judge, and the judge reviews evidence and can issue search warrants or compel witnesses to appear.

In the case involving 90 abortions -- for which Kline most commonly is vilified -- he did just that, and the judge, Richard Anderson, found probable cause to suspect that there had been child rape, the failure to report child rape, possible criminal late-term and partial-birth abortions, and other counts.

"I never sought the identity of the women," Kline said. "The judge had agreed to a request to redact their names when the medical records were provided."

One situation involved a 10-year-old who had an abortion. State records confirmed she was nine when she was assaulted. Records also show that in 2003 alone, 78 girls under the age of 15 had abortions in Kansas. By law, that amounts to 78 cases of sexual assault on a child.

Anderson's conclusion to Kline's records request was that, "Without access to the medical records, how is the attorney general going to make a reasonably informed judgment as to whether the records do or do not contain evidence of a crime?"
But abortion industry interests then, he said, "came loaded for bear."

That industry, he said, immediately following Anderson's ruling filed a mandamus action with the state Supreme Court, essentially arguing that somebody wasn't doing their constitutional duty.

"The whole thing is private thus far," Kline said. "I don't announce investigations."

However, the clinics made a motion with the court to make the investigation public and asked permission to contact "patients."

"We filed a motion objecting, as harmful to the investigation. Plus when you've got a 10-year-old who had a late-term abortion and nobody called the cops… Who do you think they're going to call (when they call 'patients') but the rapist?"

The Supreme Court granted that motion, and the clinics held a news conference to condemn Kline for seeking "full unredacted medical histories" of 90 adult women and children.

"At the same time," Kline said, "their website (one of the clinics involved) had a privacy policy in which they reserved the right to give names, addresses, phone numbers and the date of the abortion to political fundraisers."

Well of course! There's absolutely nothing wrong with breaking confidentiality when you need a good politician who will look the other way when you're committing a crime in order to stay in business.

"What they were denying us under the law they were giving to PACs," Kline said.

The ultimate result of the appeals process affirmed Kline's request, and there have been a number of convictions as a result.

"Now we've had cases referred out on child rape. We've actually had a prosecution and a conviction," Kline said. In one Wichita, Kan., case one defendant pleaded guilty to five counts of raping his stepdaughters.

The case involved four pregnancies and several abortions, but no one had called police, Kline said, until one of the babies was born, and the adoption agency that the family approached "saw through the ruse."

Six different counties in Kansas have been able to prosecute – so far – as a result of Kline's work.

Kline said besides the direct opposition to his efforts, another side is the financial support given to anyone who opposes him. In the last election, a donation of $300,000 was given, reportedly originally from an abortionist, to a PAC just nine days before the election.

This is how Tiller and the abortion industry operate.

Kline said that avoided the state requirement that PAC reports must be filed within 10 days. The money was used for a massive radio campaign criticizing Kline, he said.

Flip Benham, of Operation Save America, noted that Kansas' most famous abortionist, George Tiller of Wichita is famous for his late-term abortion services, and he compared Tiller to another Wichita man, Dennis Rader.

Excellent Comparison -- Only Tiller has killed many more human beings than the BTK and he gets paid for it. He also gets off scott-free!

Rader was convicted of being the BTK (bind, torture, kill) killer who was arrested years after he killed a number of people.

Benham said neither respects any life but their own, and they both like to operate behind walls of secrecy. He also noted both are members in good standing in their respective churches.

"Unfortunately for the citizens in the city of Wichita and all of us in America, both men are inhabited by the same spirit of murder. This spirit, once unleashed … knows no bounds and only increases in ferocity," Benham wrote.

One supporter of the organization noted that Kansas current governor, Kathleen Sebelius, "is pro abortion to the max and has done everything she can, including stripping funds from the A.G. office to a minimum, to deem him ineffective."

Oh, yeah - Another nominal Catholic who receives money from Tiller to support his "habit" of murdering babies and destroying women's lives.

The clinics denied any wrongdoing.


"Our clients have followed the law and will continue to do so," lawyer Lee Thompson wrote.

Kline also has sued officials in his own state – at the direction of the state Legislature – to stop state funding of abortions. Elmer Feldkamp of Baileyville, president of Right to Life of Kansas, said it is an attempt to substantiate that human life begins at conception.

But abortion promoters even were critical of Kline's decision to follow the orders from the state House.

"He continues to use his office to push extreme ideologies on the state of Kansas," Traci Gleason, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Kansas, said at the time.

I think she meant to say "Tiller uses his office to push extreme ideologies on the state of Kansas."

Great post, Bob! It's about time someone wrote the truth about Phil Kline. I am tired of reading all the deception that is depicted in the Wichita Eagle about our Attorney General, who is one of the most honest and moral people in this state. I am sick and tired of these nominal Catholics who pretend they are upstanding and moral Catholics and claim they are "personally pro-life" with strong family values when they are simply out to support abortion at all costs -- even at the cost of their very souls.

That is something that Phil Kline does not do. He is someone who cares about the victims of sexual assault, someone who wants to identify the criminal and prosecute him. After all that's what an Attorney General does.

Saint of the Day: St. Wenceslaus, Martyr

St. Wenceslaus was born around 907 near Prague, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). His father was killed in battle when he was 13 years old, leaving the kingdom to be ruled by his ambitious mother, the pagan. Drahomira, who encouraged an anti-Christian government. Wenceslaus was raised by his grandmother, St. Ludmilla, who saw to it that he was educated in the faith.

Drahomira resented her mother-in-law Ludmilla's influence over her son Wenceslaus, and sent men to kill Ludmilla. Drahomira's rule was so cruel in Wenceslaus' name that he was compelled on behalf of his subjects to overthrow her and assume power for himself. Wenceslaus was eighteen years old when he succeeded his father to the throne. Without regard for the opposition, he worked in close cooperation with the Church to convert his pagan country. He ended the persecution of Christians, built churches and brought back exiled priests. As king, he gave an example of a devout life and of great Christian charity, with his people calling him "Good King" of Bohemia.

Throughout his life he preserved his virginity. He had a deep love for the poor and needy and served them through many acts of charity. He often attended the funerals of the poor, ransomed captives, and visited those suffering in prison. He was filled with a deep reverence toward the clergy; with his own hands he sowed the wheat for making altar breads and pressed the grapes for the wine used in the Mass. During winter he would visit the churches barefoot through snow and ice, frequently leaving behind bloody footprints.

In the year 929, there were invasions by the German king, Henry I. St. Wenceslaus decided to submit to the German king, perhaps to avoid the horrors and suffering of war, but this decision angered his younger brother the pagan Boleslav. Boleslav invited his brother to stay at his castle. The next morning, on September 28, 929, as Wenceslaus was on the way to Mass, Boleslaus assassinated him at the door of the church.

Before he died, Wenceslaus forgave his brother and asked God's mercy for his soul. Martyred at the age of twenty-two, Wenceslaus is the national hero and patron of the Czech Republic. He is the first Slav to be canonized.

St. Wenceslaus is also the patron saint of: Bohemia, brewers, and Moravia.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Call your Sentors! Frist filed for cloture vote on interstate parental notice bill

Via Jill Stanek and Pro-life blogs:

September 27,2006 - This just in from DC: "Senator Frist filed cloture on ccpa/ciana tonight, as soon as was possible. Cloture will ripen in 30 hours. Then we will vote. And we need to win."

Yes! Good for Senator Frist! A very real pro-life legislative drama is unfolding. Next, 60 senators must vote aye to stop a filibuster and get this important pro-life bill to the President's desk.

Session ends Friday. We must all call our senators TOMORROW
-- which means today, Thursday, September 28. (my addition)

To find your senator's phone number, go here.

To learn more about the Parental Notification Bill, go here.

A Celebratory Message About Respect Life Sunday 2006: Part One of Two

The following is excerpted from a statement by Cardinal William H. Keeler, Chairman, Committee for Pro-Life Activities, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

September 26, 2006

Catholic parishes across the United States are preparing once again to celebrate Respect Life Sunday, falling this year on October 1. This is a time to acknowledge, with gratitude and a profound sense of wonder, the mystery of human life: Because each of us is created, loved and redeemed by God, every human life is priceless, deserving respect and protection.

We pause, too, to thank those who help foster respect - in pregnancy care centers, hospices, legislative assemblies, home, schools and workplaces. Because of their efforts we can point to continuing signs of progress toward a culture in which human life is cherished.

Young people are leading the way through their enthusiastic involvement in pro-life education and activism. ….

Public sentiment overall is changing as well. Today only a small minority of Americans favors the policy of virtually unlimited abortion imposed on our nation by the U.S. Supreme Court's abortion decisions. Even laws to prevent the killing of children who are already four-fifths delivered have been ruled unconstitutional. The public debate on partial-birth abortion has awakened many Americans to the violence of abortion, and the Supreme Court itself will soon take another look at the issue when it reviews a federal ban on this horrendous practice….

These and other signs of progress are true advances. Other recent developments, through hailed as forms of technical progress, are regressive and harmful in their effects on human life.

The RU-486 abortion pill was hailed as a "safe" way to end a pregnancy. But for hundreds of American women, an abortion by this method has meant emergency room visits for blood transfusions, emergency surgery, or treatment for serious, sometimes lethal infections… .

In the field of stem cell research, the genuine and growing promise of treatments using adult stem cells is often downplayed or ignored, while exaggerated or even fraudulent claims are made for avenues that require destroying early human lives. A "Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative"offered for the November ballot in Missouri makes the usual irresponsible claims for "miracle cures" from embryonic stem cells, and adds its own cynical twist: While claiming to ban human cloning, it would actually elevate the cloning of human embryos for destructive research to the status of a constitutional right.

In 1973 the Supreme Court ignored the facts of human life in the womb, as well as the facts about abortion's negative effects on women, to find a constitutional "right" to abortion. Today, in the same way, powerful groups in our society would ignore basic facts to promote a narrow and divisive view of the human person - a view in which human life is a mere problem, or even an object of research and exploitation, rather than the divine mystery it truly is. Let us educate and motivate ourselves to ensure the truth --the scientific and medical truth, and the profound truth about the dignity of each human person--will increasingly inform and guide our society’s decisions about human life.

Via National Right to Life.

Conversing with Jesus

Today I am praying to Jesus through the intercession of Mother Mary and St. Vincent de Paul for the following intentions:

for peace and unity within the Catholic Church.

that the Lord will continue to guide government leaders and give them wisdom.

that God will strengthen all pro-life advocates and give them the grace to persevere in their apostolates.

for the passage of the Parent Notification Act in the Senate.

for the special graces for Moneybags for the trial he is going through at this time and for the person who is trying to intimidate and persecute him for expressing his opinion.

for this prayer request at Relapsed Catholic.

for healing and a home for C.'s brother who is being forced out his home by his wife.

for A. who is considering having an abortion that she will give life to her child.

for special graces for Aimee who is on a mission trip to Mozambique where she is assisting with the care of orphans.

for the healing of two young women who wish to be free of same sex attraction.

for a personal prayer intention.

for all previous prayer intentions listed here.

in thanksgiving for a new home and job for E. & J.

Thank you for praying with me for these intentions. If you have a special need, please contact me via email or in the comment section below and I will be happy to pray for your intention.

Saint of the Day: St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul was an apostle of charity, and one of the greatest French saints. He was born in Gascony (France) in 1581 to a peasant farmer. Following his studies under the Franciscans at Dax, he was ordained a priest at age 20. Five years later, he was traveling by sea when his ship was captured by Moorish pirates who carried him to Africa sold into slavery. He was freed in 1607 when he converted one of his owners to Christianity.

When he returned to France, he became a parish priest near Paris and later, a chaplain to the galley-slaves. He founded a religious congregation of priests called the Lazarists, (who are now known as Vincentians), for missionary work. With the help of St Louise de Marillac, he founded the Sisters of Charity, who were the first congregation of women to care for the poor and sick outside of the convent. He devoted his whole life to serving the poor.

He died in 1660 in Paris, France and was canonized by Pope Clement XII in 1737.

St. Vincent de Paul is the patron saint of: charitable societies; horses; hospitals; hospital workers; leprosy; lost articles; prisoners; volunteers; spiritual help; Saint Vincent de Paul Societies; Vincentian Service Corps; Madagascar; diocese of Richmond, Virginia.

St. Vincent de Paul Quotes:

"Let us love God; but at the price of our hands and sweat of our face."

"Extend your mercy towards others, so that there can be no one in need whom you meet without helping. For what hope is there for us if God should withdraw His Mercy from us? "

"We must love our neighbor as being made in the image of God and as an object of His love. "

Quiz: What kind of cookie are you?

You Are a Fortune Cookie

You're a rather normal person, except that you have extraordinary luck in life.
People want to be around you (even when they're a little sick of you), in hopes of being lucky too!

Via Happy Catholic.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Via Steven Ertelt at

Columbus, GA -- Police have arrested the mother and two cousins of a 16 year-old girl who are accused of forcing her to drink turpentine in an attempt to kill her baby in an abortion. The arrests follow the apprehension of a Maine teenager's parents who are accused of driving her to New York in a bid to make her have an abortion.

In the Georgia case, 44 year-old Rozelletta B. Blackshire was charged with cruelty to a child and criminal abortion Columbus Police Sgt. Debra Bohannon indicated.

The teenager's cousins, 26 year-old Shonda Y. Blackshire of Columbus and 28 year-old Monica M. Johnson of Eufaula, Alabama, were also arrested on Friday and charged with attempting to cause a criminal abortion. If convicted, the women could get up to 10 years in prision.

According to an AP report, there is no evidence as to whether the turpentine caused any health issue for the teenager, who is three months pregnant, or her baby.

"There's no medical evidence that would support you could induce an abortion by giving her turpentine," Bohannon told the Associated Press. "Still, it's not made to ingest. It's not good to ingest."

She indicated Blackshire and the cousins forced the girl to drink turpentine twice between September 12 and September 20 and Bohannon indicated they may have tried to force her to have an abortion because they were supposedly worried about an unrelated health problem the pregnancy could have impacted.

Police found out about the attempted forced abortion after the girl told her school guidance counselor about it. They had already been monitoring the girl, who may have been the victim of sexual assault and that act could have led to her pregnancy.

The forced abortion case comes on the heels of the abduction of a Maine teenager in another forced abortion attempt.

A Maine couple that kidnapped their pregnant 19 year-old daughter and attempted to take her to New York to have an abortion did so because they were apparently upset that her boyfriend is black. The couple was apprehended after their daughter escaped in a department store and used a cell phone to call police.

Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion said Katelyn Kampf, the daughter, indicated her mother "was pretty irate at the fact that the child's father was black, and she had made a number of disparaging remarks about that."

He said the Kampfs had treated Katelyn's boyfriend well until they received a phone call from her last Thursday indicating she was pregnant. That apparently "changed the dynamic" he said.
Dion indicated Katelyn told him her mother "kept referring to the baby as a thing, as 'It,' and there were other comments made."

Katelyn's parents believed they needed to take her to New York for the abortion since the pregnancy had advanced.

Same-sex marriage debate threatens redefinition of parenthood

Washington DC, Sep. 26, 2006 (CNA) - The next great frontier in law and culture, stemming from the same-sex marriage debate, is the legal redefinition of parenthood, says a new report issued by U.S. and Canadian family and law think tanks.

The Revolution in Parenthood: The Emerging Global Clash Between Adult Rights and Children's Needs explores how the rights-based same-sex marriage movement places adult rights over the rights and needs of children.

The report also explores the status of parenthood in society and the ways in which natural parenthood — the biological mother-father model — is being legally challenged and redefined by states.

The report notes that states around the world are taking an increasingly active role in defining and regulating parenthood, moving far beyond its limited, historic, and child-centered role in finding suitable parents for needy children through adoption.

In Canada, for example, the law that legalized same-sex marriage “quietly included the provision to erase the term ‘natural parent’ across the board in federal law, replacing it with the term ‘legal parent.’ With that law, the locus of power in defining who a child’s parents are shifts precipitously from civil society to the state, with the consequences as yet unknown,” reads the report’s executive summary.

In Spain, after the legalization of same-sex marriage, birth certificates were changed to read “Progenitor A” and “Progenitor B” instead of “mother” and “father.”

In New Zealand and Australia, influential law commissions have proposed allowing children conceived with use of sperm or egg donors to have three legal parents. Authors of the report say U.S. judges “have seized upon the idea of ‘psychological’ parenthood to award legal parent status to adults who are not related to children by blood, adoption, or marriage. At times they have done so even over the objection of the child’s biological parent.”

“But what about the children?” asks the report, which also includes an exploration of the experiences of the first generation of children conceived with the use of donor sperm. The testimonies of several such children say that the children believe they were denied the birthright of being raised by or at least knowing about their biological fathers and that it has profoundly shaped their ability to understand who they are.

The think tanks insist that societies immediately open a vigorous, child-centered debate on marriage and child rearing. They say their report is intended to draw much-needed public attention to the current revolutionary changes in parenthood and the risks arising from increased state intervention in parenthood.

The report was issued the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy and the Institute for American Values in the United States, and the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada and the Institute for the Study of Marriage, Law and Culture in Canada.You can read the full report here.

My Comments:

This overwhelms me. The world is attempting to change the entire meaning of covenant love between a man and woman (with God at the center of their relationship) by sanctioning disordered, unnatural relationships and replacing the fruitfulness of that relationship with products of techonology. I don't need to say how destructive this is to families, and to society, as a whole, because we have heard it all before, particularly in Humane Vitae and Donum Vitae but for some reason, our society just doesn't seem to get it. Parenthood is a gift that comes from God not something that we go to a laboratory and create.

Progenitor A” and “Progenitor B” instead of “mother” and “father"? The term "progenitor" is defined as "1. an ancestor
2. an originator or a prototype."

A "prototype" is defined as a "an original used as a model for later forms or stages. 2. a standard example."

Prototype is a word often used in manufacturing, for example, someone who is in charge of new projects is called a "prototype build manager."

It is so distorted to view children as something we create in a laboratory and to treat the unborn babies in the mother's wombs as trash to be disposed of without a second thought.

Note: I found an excellent article online at the Catholic Medical Association's Website which relates to both encylicals entitled "From Humanae Vitae to Donum Vitae: Symmetry and Consistency in Catholic Biomedical Teaching" by The Rev. Paul F. deLadurantaye, S.T.D. Check it out here.

Geography Meme

1. A Place You've Visited and Your Favorite Thing there.
Rome, Italy, Vatican City

2. A Country You'd Like to Visit and Why

France -- I would love to travel to Lourdes, LaSalette, and the other apparition sites as well as to the motherhouse for my Community.

3. A Place From History You'd Like to Visit and Why
I would love to go back in time and to see the birth of Christ, the miracles he performed, and the Passion of Christ with my own eyes.

4. A Place You Know a Lot About


5. A Place You'd Like to Learn More About

6. A Fictional Place You'd Like to Visit

H/T to Cor Immaculate.

I tag: Julie at Happy Catholic, Valerie at I am MY Kid's Mom, UKOK at Catholic Mum, Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, and Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester.

If there's anyone else who would like to do this, be my guest.

Saints of the Day: Sts. Cosmas and Damien, Martyrs

Nothing is known of the lives of Saints Cosmas and Damien except that they suffered martyrdom in Syria during the persecution of Diocletian. A church erected on the site of their burial place was enlarged by the emperor Justinian. Devotion to the two saints spread rapidly in both East and West. A famous basilica was erected in their honor in Constantinople. Their names were placed in the canon of the Mass, probably in the sixth century.

Legend says that they were twin brothers born in Arabia, who became skilled doctors. Known as the "moneyless" and the "silverless", they never accepted money for their services, but offered them in the spirit of charity. When the persecution under Diocletian broke out, their very prominence rendered them marked objects of persecution. Being apprehended by order of Lysias, governor of Cilicia, they were arrested, tortured, and beheaded in the year 283.

St. Cosmas and St. Damian are patron saints of medicine, doctors and pharmacists. In fine art they are usually depicted in lined robes, hoods or cylindrical physicians’ hats, carrying surgeons’ bags and instruments. They are represented by a box of ointment and medical emblems.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Via Operation Rescue: Abortion Clinic Investigations Are A Matter Of Life Or Death

George Tiller, Late-term abortionist
AKA "America's Doctor of Death"

[We wanted to run this article for informational purposes. It exposes the need for the investigations of KS abortion clinics to continue. For many pre-born, viable children, these investigations may be literally a matter of life or death. -OR Staff]

By Cheryl Sullenger Chairperson, Kansans for Truth In Politics

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline has been under fire in the media for his efforts to access abortion clinic medical records in an investigation of concealment of child rape and illegal late term abortions. Opponents of Kline’s investigations focus on the “privacy” of such medical records.

But the privacy issue is merely a smokescreen – a slight of hand maneuver to divert the public’s attention from the true issue at hand, and that is that Kansas abortion clinics operate in a universe of their own making, totally separate from the laws that apply to all others, and in doing so flagrantly violate those laws on a consistent basis.

Kline has never sought the identities of the women involved, so the privacy argument is simply a red herring.

Instead, he has requested information from those records related to K.S.A. 65-6703(a), which states, “No person shall perform or induce an abortion when the fetus is viable unless such person is a physician and has a documented referral from another physician not legally or financially affiliated with the physician performing or inducing the abortion and both physicians determine that: (1) The abortion is necessary to preserve the life of the pregnant woman; or (2) a continuation of the pregnancy will cause a substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman.”

Viability, as defined by this statute is 22 weeks gestation or more.

In light of this law, abortionist George Tiller’s arrangement with former abortionist Kristin Neuhaus raises red flags. Neuhaus travels from Lawrence, Kansas, every week to interview Tiller’s late-term abortion patients and sign off on them as the second physician required by K.S.A. 65-6703(a). She receives compensation directly from each patient, an arrangement the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts considers adequate separation in order to avoid the ban on second opinions from doctors “not legally or financially affiliated” with the abortionist. [More]

Congress Will Vote on Parental Notification on Abortion on Tuesday

Washington, DC ( -- The House of Representatives will vote on Tuesday on a Senate-passed bill to curb the evasion of state parental notification and consent laws. Both the House and Senate had approved bills to do that, but Senate Democrats prevented the creation of a final version of the measure to send to President Bush for his signature.

The Senate and House passed two different versions of the legislation, designed to prevent taking minor teenagers to another state for a secret abortion with their parents knowledge or consent.

When both chambers approve different bill, a conference committee is normally needed to craft a final version to be sent to the president. Senate Democrats blocked the committee from meeting and the House is hoping to force the Senate to vote on the block by combining the two versions of the Child Custody Protection Act into one and approving it.

According to a National Right to Life legislative alert sent to, once the House votes on the parental notification bill, it will then head to the Senate and abortion advocates there are expected to block it. As a result, 60 votes will be needed to stop the block and vote on the final bill.

The Senate approved its measure on a 65 to 34 vote in July, with several pro-abortion senators backing the pro-life measure. However, those senators may be reluctant to vote to lift the block on the bill and allow it to go to President Bush to become law.

"If the pro-life side fails to obtain 60 votes, the legislation will die," NRLC explains. "If we succeed, the bill will go the President Bush, who is eager to sign it into law."

The pro-life group says timing is important because only a few short days remain before adjournment and the bill will die unless both Houses finalize the parental notification bill beforehand.

The new House version of the parental notification measure will combine features from the Senate's Child Custody Protection Act and the House's initial Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act.

It contains the provision to make it a federal offense to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion if it violates her home state's parental notification or consent laws. It will contain a measure to make it a crime for a parent who raped a child to take her to another state for a secret abortion.

The bill will also contain an important provision requiring abortion practitioners to notify at least one parent before performing an abortion on a minor who is a resident of a different state.

Polls show about 80 percent of the American public back parental involvement laws.

ACTION: Contact your House member and urge strong support for the parental notification legislation. Also, contact your senators and urge them to vote for cloture on S. 403, the parental notification bill. You can call any House or Senate member at 202-224-3121.



(CTV via Reuters TV/Reuters)
(Osservatore Romano/Reuters)
(Osservatore Romano/Reuters)
REUTERS/Osservatore Romano (ITALY)

Sep. 25 ( - Pope Benedict XVI reaffirmed the importance of dialogue between Christianity and Islam, at a September 25 meeting with envoys from Islamic countries and organizations.

The Holy Father stressed the interests that Christians and Muslims share in upholding the importance of faith, in "a world marked by relativism and too often excluding the transcendence and universality of reason."

The Pope did not refer directly to the controversial speech that he had delivered in Regensburg on September 12. But he did remark, near the beginning of his talk, that "the circumstances which have given rise to our gathering are well known." Vatican diplomats had worked quickly to invite Muslim diplomats to Castel Gandolfo, hoping to soothe the tensions that had arisen in the Islamic world after the Pope's talk.

Pope Benedict spoke in French to the group, which included the ambassadors accredited to the Holy See from countries with Muslim majorities, and about 15 representatives of Islamic groups active in Italy. In an unusual break from common practice, the Vatican furnished an Arabic translation of the Pope's remarks. The Arabic television network Al Jazeera provided live coverage of the meeting.

The Pope said that he wanted to express his "esteem and profound respect" for Muslims, and reminded the group that "from the very beginning of my pontificate" he had sought to continue the policies of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, in making common cause with Islamic leaders. He cited his remarks to Muslim leaders in Cologne last August, when he said that cooperation between the two faiths is "a vital necessity, on which in large measure our future depends."

Gently introducing a main theme of his lecture in Regensburg, the Pontiff said that this cooperation is necessary in order to counteract the growing power of secularism and relativism. Christians and Muslims, he observed, can unite in many causes, "especially those concerning the defense and promotion of the dignity of the human person and of the rights arising from that dignity."

In pursuing their dialogue, the Pope continued, Christian and Islamic leaders should learn from "the lessons of the past," and recognize that it is crucially important "to guard against all forms of intolerance and to oppose all manifestations of violence."

The Pope concluded his remarks by sending his greetings to the Muslim world as the annual season of Ramadan begins. The Pope's address received warm applause from the diplomats who were present at Castelgandolfo. After finishing his talk, the Pontiff made a point of greeting each one of his guests individually. The diplomats present for the 30-minute audience included envoys from Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Kuwait, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Senegal, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yemen. Also included were representatives of the Arab League and the Islamic Council of Italy.

For the complete talk and more details go here.

The Holy Father handled this wonderfully. It is difficult not to admire and to love him as he is very intelligent, wise, gentile, loving, and a true peacemaker. I remember when I met our Papa (in February 2006) and shook his hand I felt an overwhelming aura of love and gentleness emanating from him.

I would say that he accomplished what he set out to do in this meeting and I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to fill him with wisdom and knowledge and discernment in all that he does and protect him always.