Saturday, January 27, 2007

The 2007 Catholic Blog Awards Coming Soon

Via Julie D.:

The 2007 Catholic Blog Awards are soon approaching, so its time to start thinking about your favorite blogs and who you want to nominate! The nomination process will begin on Sunday, February 4 at noon CST and end on Friday, February 9 at noon CST. Voting will be held the week on February 12-16. This year’s categories have been refined to help remove some of the redundancy that was seen in years past. The listing of the categories is as follows:

Best Overall Catholic Blog
Best Designed Catholic Blog
Best Written Catholic Blog
Best New Catholic Blog
Best Individual Catholic Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian
Funniest Catholic Blog
Smartest Catholic Blog
Most Informative & Insightful Catholic Blog
Best Apologetic Blog
Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog
Best Insider News Catholic Blog
Most Spiritual Blog

Also, stay tuned because this Fall will feature the all new Catholic Podcast Awards!

Check out the nifty new layout at CyberCatholics ... as well as the new categories for the blog awards!


Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to include your blog in the nominations!

Catholic Fire said...

Thank you, Moneybags.

God bless you,