Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Turin, Feb 21, 2007 / 10:48 am (CNA).- A 13-year-old girl is in the psychiatric unit of an Italian hospital after a forced abortion. The girl threatened suicide after her parents and an Italian court submitted her to an abortion, against her will.

According to "La Stampa" young Valentina suffered a mental breakdown after Judge Giuseppe Cocilovo of the Court of Minors ruled that she must undergo the procedure to kill her child.Valentina had become pregnant by her 15-year-old boyfriend and her parents demanded she have an abortion on the grounds that she was “ruining her life” by becoming a mother.

Valentina's mother said she did not have the money to support the child.

Under Italian law, the parents or guardians of a minor may force a child to undergo an abortion.

Since the abortion, Valentina has been confined to the psychiatric unit of Regina Margherita children's hospital in Turin for wanting to commit suicide.

“You have made me kill, and now I kill myself,” Valentina reportedly cried. "I am not crazy; I am only evil like a dog” for what her parents and the court have obliged her to do, she said.

My Comments

How very sad! This is a sick situation - the creation of laws that make it legal to kill an innocent human being, while forcing a young mother to go through the emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological trauma of abortion against her will. Grandparents killing their own grandchild ... no, it is hardly the babe in the womb who is "ruining her life".

Why is it that this 13 year old can recognize that abortion is evil, yet those adults in authority don't have a clue? They are the ones who are sick and should be locked up for being accomplices in the murder of their grandchild and for the
horrendous act of child abuse they have committed toward their own daughter. They are indeed spiritually "sick" and in need of the Divine Physician. It is hard to believe that this is happening in a "Catholic" country like Italy. St. Gianna, pray for them!


GrannyGrump said...

You know what I've not seen once in any of the discussions about this? A prochoicer with a shred of compassion for the girl.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that this 13 year old can recognize that abortion is evil, yet those adults in authority don't have a clue?

With each new generation, comes the realisations of some of the mistakes of the former.

Something to do with evolution I suspect.

Many practices of the past are no longer practiced.

Abortion should soon join the practices of old.

Sometime in the not too distant future, people will look back in disbelief and horror at many of the practices of today.

SUZANNE said...

She has to be told it's not her fault. She needs healing so bad. I feel for her.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

The horror of what they have done is beyond belief. Only Satan could get people so disconnected from truth. Lord have mercy and may this 13 year old come to know the love her God.

Esther said...

God help the children of the world. Satan is really going after them in so many evil ways!