Friday, February 02, 2007

Kansas Bishop on Denying Communion to Pro-abortion Catholic Politicians; Comments on Tiller

Via Roman Catholic Blog:

Bishop Paul Coakley of Salina, in an interview with LifeSite News, has indicated that, in many cases, denying Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians is "the right decision and the only choice".

Here's the story: Bishop: Denying Communion to Obstinate Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians "in many cases becomes the right decision and the only choice"

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However, another part of the interview was also interesting to me. It was about the notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller a.k.a. "Tiller the (baby) Killer". Here is what Bishop Coakley had to say about this abortionist who gets away with not only murdering babies but adults, too.

LifeSiteNews: Kansas – is that where George Tiller (notorious late-term abortionist) is from - Wichita? How far is that from you?

Bishop: Well, he’s in Wichita which is about 90 miles from Salina where I am bishop. I had been a priest in the Wichita diocese so I am very familiar with him, as a matter of fact.

LifeSiteNews: Do you have any advice on what people might be able to do about the fact that he is still there?

Bishop: I would encourage people to pray for his conversion. I think that is fundamental. I mean, the man has been at it for so long that I fear that perhaps his heart has been so hardened that I think only grace is going to bring about the change that is needed for his conversion and all who are involved in the abortion industry. He certainly is perhaps the most notorious and most well-known.

That's for sure. People come from all over the world to get abortions from him. Two women (possibly more that we unaware of) have died as a result of getting abortions from him. What will stop him? A miracle and, as Christians, that is something we should expect from our prayers if we have faith even the size of a mustard seed.


Bill said...

Too bad our "good Catholic" Governor Kathleen Seblius never attends a Catholic Mass so she could be refused communion.

Anonymous said...

Too bad she accepts blood money from Tiller and then goes to her husband's Protestant church. She knows that KS clergy wouldn't allow her to play act like Kerry or the others. No Communion in this state for the "Wicked Witch of the West".