Friday, February 23, 2007

Ten Places Every Catholic Woman Should Go This Lent

A Spirit Daily post entitled Eight places women should not go
inspired me to write this in response to the secular media post Eight places every woman should go .

1. To daily Mass as often as possible.

2. To Eucharistic Adoration at least weekly.

3. To church to make The Way of the Cross.

4. To the movie theatre to see a great inspirational movie like Amazing Grace.

5. To the local abortion mill or the Adoration chapel to pray for an end to abortion and the closing of all abortion mills.

6. To the local polling place to vote for pro-life candidates in the primary.

7. To the local Catholic bookstore or to a nearby Catholic library or Internet to select some great Catholic literature.

8. To the local shelter for the homeless or soup kitchen (take the children along if they are old enough) to assist the poor, the homeless, and unemployed.

9. To a nursing home where some of the residents never have visitors. Bring your Bible along and read the Bible to them or pray the rosary with them. Or simply listen while they reminisce about the past.

10. To the local crisis pregnancy center where you can donate maternity clothes, baby clothing, blankets, diapers, formula, and

Some Spiritual Advice from Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

"There are poor people everywhere, but the deepest poverty is not being loved. The poor whom we seek may be near us or far away. They may be hungry for bread or hungry for friendship. They may need clothing, or they may need the sense of wealth that God's love for them represents. They may need the shelter of a house made of bricks and cement or the shelter of having a place in our hearts."

"We do not need to carry out grand things in order to show a great love for God and for our neighbor. It is the intensity of love we put into our gestures that makes them into something beautiful for God."

Have a happy and holy Lent!


Anthony said...

Good suggestions, I've forwarded them to the Catholic women in my life.

Anonymous said...

These are good suggestions, provided you don't literally mean every Catholic woman should go to all of these places. Many Catholic women should actually be re-assessing this Lent whether they should be doing everything they are doing and going to church as often as they do. Because many of us in performing charity and going to church are neglecting our duties of state in life, which is our first responsibility. And for many of us, that means staying home.

Catholic Fire said...

Thank you, Anthony.


I wholeheartedly agree with you. The duties of your vocation in life must come first. Your own family's needs must be a priority - God has entrusted their care to you.

However, I do know many families who go to Perpetual Adoration together, pray the rosary together, and do charitable work together.
They give up other activities like going to the movies, going to the mall, watching TV, surfing the Internet, etc. in favor of doing the Lord's work.

Each family must discern what God's will is for them. Sometimes, it is just spending quiet time together and doing spiritual reading. Too much activity is not a good thing - there must first be prayer and silence, adoration, desert time alone with God before one goes out into the world. During that alone time, we need to discern what God's will is for us.

Thank you for pointing this out.

God bless,