Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Robin Williams Has A Sick Sense of Humor

I used to like Robin Williams, when he played Mork on Mindy and Mork (the TV sci-fi sitcom from 1978 - 1982) and I have enjoyed his performances in such films as Good Morning Viet Nam, Dead Poet's Society, and Awakenings, but over the years, his humor has gotten really raunchy.

Raised as an Episopalian, Williams has taken a turn for the worse as illustrated by his appearance on the Jay Leno Show the other night. Williams went off on Catholic priests, painting them all as pedophiles.

Williams also put his hand over his groin, saying, “You have to realize that if you are a Catholic priest, you have retired this. That’s it—no more sex.” Then he took a shot at confession: “But they are going to put you in a small dark box and people are going to tell you the nastiest sexual stuff they have done.”

Here is Catholic League President Bill Donanue's response to this issue:

“Isaiah Washington lashes out at one gay person in private, and he is banished from ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Robin Williams lashes out against all priests in public, and he suffers no consequence. To top it off, Williams suggests that most molesting priests are pedophiles, when in fact they are homosexuals. But to make a joke about gay priests could get him into trouble. So it’s better to lie. This is justice—Hollywood style.

“One more thing: in an interview with MoviesOnline, Robin Williams recently said that ‘you can’t poke fun at certain religions,’ noting that ‘we just made major fun of the Catholic Church but hey, they don’t blow you up.’ So not only is Williams a bigot and a liar, he’s a coward. No wonder he’s so well received in Tinseltown.”