Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 4th Blogiversary

Today is my 4th anniversary of blogging. In commemoration of this special occasion, I would like to share my joy with all those who read my blog. These roses are for you with my thanks and gratitude for stopping by to visit.


ukok said...

Congratulations Jean! Happy Blogiversary :-)

Esther said...

Happy Anniversary Jean! Keep up the good work!
BTW, what lovely flowers!!

Jean M. Heimann said...

Thanks, Deb!

Thanks, Esther!

Do the flowers look familiar? They are from the Victorian clip art site that you use. I love these roses.

Ebeth said...

Hey Jean! Happy Blogiversary!! Four years! Wow! I am just glad I have you and all the others to gleen, hangout with and be truly Catholic!

Hugs to you and yours! and MERRY, MERRY Christmas to you!!


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you continue blogging for a long time!

Michele said...

I am impressed!!! Four years and you're still doing a great job! Congratulations - you have to be a high energy person - I have only been writing a blog since May and it's real work.

Bill said...

Congradulations on a job well done!

Jean M. Heimann said...


Thank you for your kind words. It is so good to have you as a blogging buddy. I hope you will be here with us for a long, long time.

Paul, thanks so much! I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you through your writing these past few years and hope you continue blogging for a long time, too.

Thanks, Michele! You always put up quality posts which I always look forward to reading. The longer you blog, the easier and the more enjoyable it gets. Thanks for making me feel special.

Thanks, Bill!

May God bless each of you in a special way during this Season of joy, peace, and love!

Micki said...

I'm a little late in wishing you good blessings for four years of sharing, caring, and working so hard to keep brining us such words of wisdom. Only another blogger can truly appreciate all the time involved. We are blessed by your devotion. Thank you. May you have a blessed New Year.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Hi Micki!

It's never too late for good wishes!

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation!

God bless you!

Have a happy, healthy, and holy New Year!