Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Fun Meme

Esther tagged me for this one. I'm still under the weather today (although I did make it to Mass and also to Generations of Faith in our parish this evening) and fun memes like this tend to cheer me up.

If you HAD to choose one or the other would you choose...

1. Thai or Mexican

Mexican - I'm not a big fan of Thai.

2. Bubble bath or back massage
Both are nice -- but my dh gives the BEST back massages.

3. boots or sandals

4. the 90% "pro-life" good chance or the 100% pro-life long shot?
The 90% good chance, but fortunately we have one and only one candidate in this election who is 100% pro-life who has a good chance of winning.

5. a cruise ship or a mountain cabin
Cruise ship

6. Rome or Paris
I have been to Rome and had a private audience with the Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI). I have never been to Paris, so I would like to go there, especially since my ancestors were French.

7. Ordinary or Extraordinary

8. Rosary or Stations

9. surf or hang glide

10. Regal Cinemas or Netflix
Regal Cinemas

11. sweet or salty

12. pen or pencil

13. how-to book or fantasy novel (This is tough because I enjoy both.)

14. crossword or sudoku

15. lose a leg or lose your sight

16. North or South

17. a power outage at home or a dead car battery at Costco
No thanks!

18. classic rock or country
Classic rock! However, I do like some country.

19. wool or linen
Linen - it's cooler than wool and it gets pretty warm here.

20. lots of good friends or a few great friends
A few great friends

21. soup or salad
Fall & Winter - soup, Spring & Summer - salad

22. Merlot or Chardonnay
White Merlot, although Red Merlot isn't bad either.

23. Picasso or Da Vinci
Definitely Da Vinci

24. charades or trivial pursuit
Trivial Pursuit

25. Evangelical Protestantism or Orthodox Judaism
Neither -- Go for the gold: Catholicism

26. stone age or dark age
Dark age

27. Steven Spielberg or Ken Burns

28. Thermopylae or Alamo

29. Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster
Loch Ness Monster

30. babies or teenagers

Anyone who sees this and would like to do it, go right ahead, but would please let me know in the comment section and leave a link to your post. Thanks!

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Alexandra said...

Thanks for thinking of me Jean! I see you tagged me for the book meme as well. I'll post about that tomorrow, thanks again. :) I must get my beauty sleep ;) as it is fast approaching 11 p.m. here.