Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who is your Jane Austin Husband/Boyfriend?

You scored (100%) as Edmund Bertram. Your husband/boyfriend is Edmund Bertram from Mansfield Park. Most likely he has taught you many things and acted as your guide or protector. Though he is quite principled, he has learned to detect the faults of others. Most likely the two of you were friends for a long time before you were lovers. As a couple, you delight in learning and conversing together and remain consistently loyal to each other.

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Catherine said...

How cute! I got Col. Brandon, matching at 75%, and then Darcy and Captain Wentworth tied at 60% for runner-up.

"Your husband/boyfriend is most like Col. Brandon of Sense & Sensibility! He is very attuned to your tastes and enjoys sharing them with you. While he resists being flashy, he is very generous, though he will never be overbearing, even if he is correct. The two of you engage in many pursuits together and enjoy a romantic, steady relationship."