Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Boyfriend's Back & More

It's true -- my boyfriend aka my dh Bill is back! PTL! Alleluia! After living and working in a different area of the state since the end of January -- he's home and I'm rejoicing! He has a job right here in town so we won't be moving! This is the answer to prayer. Thank you, Lord!

Which of these videos do you prefer? I think I like the music on the original but like the dancing on the American Dreams version -- it's joyful and energetic. I am joyful at the moment, but not too energetic with this cold.

In case you're wondering why I haven't been posting here as much as I normally do, I have had lots going on -- unpacking the items we had packed for moving, his moving back home, etc. I have had computer geeks coming and going and am scheduled to have a major overhaul on my computer by the "Geek Squad" this week. I am also starting a new business as well as continuing my freelance writing assignments. Lots of changes going on here, but blogging will continue as usual, so stay tuned for more...


Therese said...

what wonderful news Jean. PTL indeed. I love the song My boyfriends back.

I am glad you don't have to move.

Ebeth said...

Yipee! You don't have to move!!! I have been wondering about your hubby's job situation and the house-hunting. Wow, God is good!

Hey, what business are you starting?

So glad you guys can unpack and settle back in your easy chairs!!

Love and Hugs!