Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saint Quote of the Day

"Let nothing disturb thee; Let nothing dismay thee; All things pass; God never changes. Patience attains All that it strives for. He who has God finds he lacks nothing: God alone suffices."

~ St. Teresa of Avila


Jeff Miller said...

I am sure every Windows user can relate, I sure did till I switched to Mac last year after being a Windows user since 2.0 in 1989.

But as a geek and professional Windows programmer I must say I have never heard of the problem you have that described that limited multitasking which should only be effected by a lack of memory and harddisk cache.

What program needed to be patched?

Anonymous said...

When my husband and I were married in 1984, my mom's best friend, a Lutheran, copied this verse down and gave it to us with our gift. I kept the index card on our bookshelf to read from time to time. It's nice to re-read it again.

'DRUDGE' without the sludge!

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...


Jean M. Heimann said...


It was Windows XP. Hopefully, this patch has fixed the problem.

Thanks for asking and for your comment.


Jean M. Heimann said...


I just wanted to add that I have plenty of memory. However, when my computer monitor went out and I had 1000+ entries on my news reader I think that may have had an adverse effect on things, draining my memory. However, I still had problems opening up more than one window even after I marked all as read.

I'm not sure what about the hard disc cache, but the computer repair geek who was here has many years experience and is a good friend of my dh -- I trust his judgement.

We are looking for a laptop now -- do you have any recommendations for that?

Jean M. Heimann said...


Thanks for sharing. This is one of my favorites, too.

Thanks for your comment.

God bless you both!