Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Last Lion of Abortion

By Father Thomas J. Enteneur, President of Human Life International

Sen. John McCain responded to the news of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s brain tumor saying that Ted Kennedy was the “last lion of the Senate.” Nice words, but hollow. Clearly Kennedy has been a forty year force to reckon with in the US Senate, but lionizing him for his headstrong political partisanship over four decades is a little like saying that sticking around for a long time and being opinionated qualifies as a “legacy.” That very record of anti-life advocacy is the measure by which his soul will be judged.

While I pray for Sen. Kennedy’s recovery from a brain tumor, I pray more for his recovery from the cancerous metastasis of abortion ideology in his soul. MORE

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prolifenance said...

I too have been trying to understand what to even pray about Senator Kennedy. I am wondering...Did this tumor, working over the years, affect his reasoning ability?

The hardest facet of this abortion evil to accept/understand/condone is the sheer numbers of supposedly "good" Catholics, including religious, who do NOT understand the evil of killing children for ANY REASON, much less merely the wealth of their parents! How do we reach these people who are so deceived.

Ted Kennedy. Is he evil or is he merely evilly delusioned.

Conversion, conversion, conversion. Pray for his conversion? Death-bed conversions are not rare, and maybe his can change the world.