Sunday, July 13, 2008

WALL-E: A Movie Review

WALL-E is a charming, animated film from Disney Pixar that takes place 700 years into the future. A large city consisting of huge skyscrapers constructed from trash rises into the sky. It is there that we meet WALL-E, (a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class), the last of the solar-powered robots, who with his binocular-like eyes, locates trash and compacts it with his square-shaped rusty body. Although he lives in a world filled with trash, he makes good use of it and his "heart" is filled with joy and romantic dreams.

WALL-E is alone on the earth (with the exception of his pet cockroach) and keeps busy during the day compacting trash, while at night, he goes home to enjoy the collection of treasures he has salvaged from the trash -- a ring box, a plastic spork, and a lighter. His favorite knick knack is an old VHS copy of Gene Kelly’s "Hello, Dolly!" He gets sentimental watching the film -- especially the romantic scene -- and generates his ideas about love from the movie.

Then, one day his life changes quite dramatically. He spots a beautiful sleek white robot with blue eyes who can do the most amazing things and is instantly attracted. However, this attraction literally takes him out of this world. WALL-E enters into a new and challenging aspect of life and learns what it really means to love someone. WALL-E will make you laugh and, at the same time, will melt your heart.

This film is G-rated, but very little children may be frightened by a few of the scenes and won't understand the plot, but it is a great movie for older children, teenagers, and adults. I give it an A rating.

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