Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Archbishop Chaput and Alveda King Lead Vigil at New Denver PP Clinic

Vigil held at new Planned Parenthood clinic

About 2,500 people circled the new Planned Parenthood clinic Monday night as part of a vigil organized by the Archdiocese of Denver.

A niece of the late Marin Luther King. Jr., Alveda King, and Denver's Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput led the marchers in calling for an end to abortion and the closing of the clinic. Some of the marchers recited the rosary while others marched silently on sidewalks that had been previously chalked with anti-abortion messages. MORE


Bill said...

Too bad MS. Alveda King will NOT be allowed to speak on the anniversary of her late fathers speach that the DNC is planning to celebrate.

Marie said...

I have just posted a piece on abortion and hope you will take a look it at Jean. I hope that it is definitive on where the Pro-Death politicians are and what the Church believes to be Sacred.

I hope you will find it interesting the links between the pro-death politicians and Nazi philosophy.

Peace, joy & love to you Jean:)

Marie xoxooxox