Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick Movie Reviews: When I Find the Ocean, Call of the Wild

Bill and I have been watching DVD’s at a reduced price from a local video store nearby. Here are two I believe that you and your family will enjoy.

When I Find the Ocean (2006) is the childhood drama of young Lily Strickland who sets out on the journey of a lifetime not out of her love for adventure but out of heartache. Longing for the father she lost to the ocean (a sailor lost at sea who was never found) and having no way to say goodbye, Lily strikes out on her own, beginning a journey of the spirit and of the heart.

The year is 1965: Lily Strickland lives in Alabama with her loving mother Jenny (Redford) and her caring grandparents (Lee Majors and Diane Ladd). Lily's father disappeared at sea years ago, yet his independent spirit lives on in the young girl who never lost her belief in dreams. Lily’s mother has now found a new man to share her life with and Lily is the bearer of unpleasant secrets in his life which only she knows. With her faith and belief that her father will guide her, Lily leaves her family home and sets out on her journey into the wilderness with her trusty dog. With the help of a friendly tugboat captain (Bernie Casey), she follows her dream to find the ocean and to finally set her heart at peace.

This is a poignant film which will touch the hearts of your family. However, since there is some violence in the film, I would not recommend this for very small children. It is rated PG.

Call of the Wild (Foxfire) is both enjoyable and entertaining, although it reminded me more of a TV show than a movie. While the scenery and photography were stunning, the editing was poor, and the black screen breaks between scenes were a little distracting.

Filmed in British Columbia, Call of the Wild stars Shane Meier as 15-year-old Miles Challenger, Nick Mancuso as his stepfather John Thornton, Rachel Hayward as his mother, and Kavic in the role of the legendary canine hero, Buck. Together, they are the protagonists in a drama that follows the Thornton family's efforts to make their way in the rough and untamed wilderness of the Yukon. Loosely based on the classic novel by Jack London, this film stakes its claim to being that rare breed of adventure series that parents and kids can watch together. It is not as dramatic nor as frightening as some versions I have seen of this film and contains some humor which lightens up the drama. This film is perfect for the entire family. It is not rated.

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