Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sebelius Vote In Full Senate Delayed - Still Time to Blast Fax Senators


Via Operation Rescue:

Washington, DC - After yesterday’s closer-than-expected vote in the Finance Committee, Sebelius’ confirmation vote before the full Senate has yet to take place. There is still time to Blast Fax your opposition to Sebelius’ nomination as Health and Human Services Secretary to every Senator using our special link:

Click here to Blast Fax your opposition to Sebelius to each senator.

Opposition is growing, and now concerns have risen that Sebelius supports a plan to deny health care to individuals who require expensive treatments. This is an offshoot of her radical pro-abortion philosophy that allows her to determine who is fit to live and who will die.

A final vote on Sebelius has yet to be scheduled, so there is still a little time to voice your opposition to this radical pro-abortion extremist. Please contact your senator today, or use our easy Blast Fax link, for a nominal charge.

I did it and you can, too! It's not too late and well worth the effort. Stop Obama's "America's Abortion Queen" today!

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Bill said...

It is bad enough to have your health care taken out of your doctors hand and put into the hands of your insurance company, but to trust a government bureaucrat is unthinkable.

In England, a woman with breast cancer, are denied treatment because it is "too draning on resources".