Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Videos Obama Needs to See

People unite in 30 cities worldwide to support the people of Iran as they fight for freedom, as they protest oppression, terror, and the brutal atrocities of the Islamic Republic of Iran .

H/T: Leticia

Warning: Graphic Content -- Not for children.


Bill said...

The white house occupant is too stupid to view anything intelligent.

The GREAT news is his poll numbers are falling.

Dirtdartwife said...

I'm horrified right now because I know how stupid our society has become. The "re-education" of our children in public schools has resulted in at least three generations of idiots that think socialism is so great and since they can't think outside the box, when socialism is rephrased in to feel good terms (like it's being done now), they think we're the crazy ones for calling it what it is... socialism.

I can only fight where I can and pray the rest of the time that our society wakes the heck up.

Great films... my heart goes out to the people of Iran and I pray they succeed in obtaining true freedom.