Friday, August 28, 2009

Congressman Takes Mic Away From Pro-Life Mom at Health Care Town Hall

Pro-Life Congressman Joe Donnelly (D- Indiana) takes the microphone away from Margie Haley, who points out the abortion mandate in the health care bill at a Town Hall meeting in Delphi, Indiana.

LifeNews.Com has the story here.


Meldelen said...

I have noticed that you are clearly anti-abortion. So do I. I agree with you completely that abortion is an assasination. You devoted your catholic blog to fight against that, and I admire your constance and perseverance in fighting with your opinion against abortion.

You turned your catholic blog also in an anti-Obama political campagne, also because of abortion. But let me tell you, that, after seeing a lot of your posts showing your anti-Obama and other opinions against abortion, that you never, never talked about the other form of assassination which is reigning in USA: the death penalty. Are you against death penalty? Because you never talk about this, only of abortion. And death penalty it's also a terrible and cynical form of assassination, as abortion is.
Why do you think about death penalty in USA? Because in my country -Spain- we do not kill people. We have not death penalty.

I hope you understand that I do not pretend nor want to make any offense about you. It's only my humble opinion and I'm just curious to know what do you think about that.

Jean M. Heimann said...


Please find the answer to your comments/questions here