Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catholic Families for America Announces Endorsements for 2010 Midterm Elections

On the Feast Day of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, whose courage in the face of apostasy and government corruption should be a model for American Catholics, Catholic Families for America announced its endorsements in more than 30 U.S. House and 12 U.S. Senate races. Endorsed candidates had to fulfill a strict set of guidelines that cover every major public policy issue facing the United States today.

"For all people of faith, not just Roman Catholics, we recognize that our republic is at a crossroads," said Dr. Kevin Roberts, executive director of the group. "We can continue the politics of self-promotion, high taxation, and the insidious undermining of the culture of life, or we can get back on the road to virtuous, limited government."

Roberts also commented that his organization is purposefully targeting Catholic members of Congress who voted for pro-abortion Obamacare. He said, "Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, who the Church honors today, provide poignant examples for modern-day Catholics in fighting apostasy and government corruption."

All of the endorsed candidates fit with CFA's key policy objectives, which include preservation of the sanctity of life, pro-family tax policies, traditional marriage, and education reform. Candidates need not be Catholic in order to secure the organization's endorsement.

U.S. House:
FL-8 Dan Fanelli
FL-24 Karen Diebel
IA-5 Steve King
ID-1 Raul Labrador
IL-11 Adam Kinsinger
IN-2 Jackie Walorski
KS-1 Rob Wasinger
KS-2 Dennis Pyle
KS-3 Patricia Lightner and John Rysavy
KS-4 Jim Anderson
LA-1 Joseph Cao
MD-1 Andy Harris
MI-7 Brian Rooney
MI-10 Candice Miller
MN-6 Michelle Bachmann
NC-9 Sue Myrick
NH-2 Jennifer Horn
OH-1 Steve Chabot
OH-8 John Boehner
PA-3 Mike Kelly
PA-16 Joseph Pitts
TX-15 Eddie Zamora
TX-16 Tim Besco
TX-18 John Faulk
TX-20 Clayton Trotter
TX-23 Francisco Canseco
TX-25 Donna Campbell
TX-28 Bryan Underwood
VA-5 Robert Hurt
VA-11 Keith Fimian

U.S. Senate:
CA – Carly Fiorina
CO – Ken Buck
DE – Christine O’Donnell
FL – Marco Rubio
IN – Dan Coats
KS – Todd Tiahrt
LA – David Vitter
MO – Roy Blunt
NV – Sharron Angle
OH – Rob Portman
PA – Pat Toomey
WA – Clint Didier


Bill said...

This is my choice for Kansas!

Mom said...

Thank you for drawing attention to the Sanctity of Life and so many other important issues for our country. Love reading your blog! You can help cover the unborn with prayer by posting this prayer request to your blog's side panel.

You can also post this prayer request for stronger families.

Thank you for all that you do!

Many Blessings!
A Mom :-)