Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Catholic Fire!

I missed my blog's birthday (December 22, 2003) again this year, so I will celebrate it today. Please join me in celebrating Catholic Fire's seventh birthday.

Catholic Fire started with a brief article on St. John of Kanty and progressed with posts about my pro-life experiences as a prayer warrior and sidewalk counselor first in Illinois and later in Kansas. I wrote about my spiritual growth via the Community of St. John and began including more posts on spirituality and the saints. Later on, I added book reviews and movies reviews and tried to incorporate humorous posts as well as some political posts pertaining to pro-life issues. Today, posts aren't always as frequent as they were in the past, as I have returned to graduate school to study for my Master of Arts degree in Theology, but I try to continue to post as often as possible.

Today I wish to thank all of my loyal readers for their wonderful support -- you are amazing! God bless you!


Bill said...

Happy Birthday Catholic Fire!

Jim said...

Thank you for such a wonderful website!!

Esther G. said...

Happy Birthday Catholic Fire!
Keep up the good work Jean.
God bless,

seo usa said...

wonderful Catholic Fire's.I like it. Thanks for sharing.