Friday, January 27, 2012

Cardinal Wuerl asks for views of Catholics not to be marginalized in public debate

January 27, 2012. ( Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington is following up on the pope's call to fight secularism. Cardinal Wuerl says that it has spread to many different industries in the US.

“It used to be that across our country the voices of all were respected. Now there is this emphasis particularly in the entertainment media, in the information industry to make everything a secular gray. And to say that there can only be one voice, determining public policy, public life, the direction of the community, the common good, and that that voice must be secular,” said the cardinal.

On January 20th, the White House also announced that religious non-profit organizations such as hospitals and universities will have to include birth control as part of their health care, but gave them one year to comply.

Religious groups are saying their rights are not being respected. Cardinal Wuerl is hoping the New Evangelization can help to create a revival of Christian values. He has also been appointed as a “relator”, or the chief coordinator, for this year's synod on the New Evagelization. He says the key to this can be found in Catholic education.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington (USA)
“We in our country and I think this is true probably across a great part of the Western world, we've suffered from under-catechsesis and so we have a generation, two generations that really does not know the faith.”

Cardinal Wuerl is also the author of “Seek first the Kingdom,” in which he encourages Catholics to challenge many of the status quos of today's culture. He also notes that leading this movement are laypeople.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington (USA)
“It became very clear to me that many many people have taken the position that the Church, bishops, priests, are the ones that have the responsibility of preaching the gospel and transforming the world. Priests and bishops have the task of preaching the Gospel, laymen and laywomen have the task of transforming the world.”

In promoting the New Evangelization, Cardinal Wuerl has said he is focusing on three elements. The first being a deepening of Catholic education, secondly being comfortable in it, and most importantly sharing it.


Bill said...

We need to get all religions together to fight this.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Yes, we do. This affects those of all faiths -- not just Catholics. If the government can do this to us now, just think of what other rights they will try to take away in the future! This situation will be worse for all us if we don't nip it in the bud now.