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'I Thirst': Movement that invites lay people to live the teachings of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

August 8, 2012. ( Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997 but her legacy is still felt today. The Order she founded in 1950, the Missionaries of Charity, continues to grow in followers.

In her work of serving “the poorest of the poor” she has been joined by priests, members of religious orders, and in the past six years, laity. Their movement is called 'I Thirst' and they just had their first international meeting in Rome.

Head of 'I Thirst' (Europe)
“We want to be part of your carism. We don't to be just be coworkers, collaborators, but they want to be in it, share in it, in the grace. Because to be part of I THIRST movement it is not only to do something or say something but to belong to Christ.”

Among its members is the lawyer Juan Emilio Suñé. At 16 years old he left his faith but then renewed it when he was 21 during a volunteer trip with the Missionaries of Charity in Romania. He says the trip changed his life.

He attended retreats to consider becoming a priest, but found his vocation lay elsewhere. Two months ago he married Nuria Medina, also from the movement 'I Thirst'. She is a nurse and had the same concerns as Juan Emilio until she realized she was meant to marry him.

'I Thirst' Movement (Spain)
“Love begins with your family, those closest to you. Mother Teresa also said that sometimes it is very easy to love those who are far away and is very difficult to love those who are close. So every day Nuria loved me as the poorest of the poor and I try to do the same for her.”

'I Thirst' Movement (Spain)
“I needed to go back to my family, my workplace, with people that I have near which is where my struggle was and I found Juan Emilio. With him I realized that everything was better with him.”

During their honeymoon in India, they visited the tomb of Mother Teresa to say thank you for her work and helping to bring them together.

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