Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pope Francis' simplicity and humor seem to be winning over hearts

Pope Francis has certainly won my heart. I could tell he was a humble man, when I first saw him on EWTN. Everything we have been reading about him in Catholic news reports points to his humility and love for God and the poor. Then, just the other day, my husband shared this with me, which opened my heart to him. He reminds me of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta in many ways. Mother Teresa opened a home in America for AIDS patients and she urged the destitute and dying to come to her for care, even when they had been rejected by their own families. Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of AIDS patients in Argentina. There is much that I could say about him, but you can learn so much about him just by watching him interact with people and listening to him.

March 17, 2013. ( It seemed like there was no more room in St. Peter's Square or along surrounding streets. Hundreds of thousands of people came to hear the first Angelus of Pope Francis. Early risers or just those who were just lucky, got a good spot, but mostly people saw the Pope from the large screens set up along St. Peter's Square.

“Words of freedom, of hope-that's what we want. It's what we need.”

“He seems to be a very kind man, very simple, kind and decent. I think he will do a very good job.”

“He has taken all of us by surprise, by his simplicity and also by his closeness to the poor. Long live the Pope.”

His simple and humble style seems to be conquering the hearts of people worldwide. In fact this Pope seems to improvise quite a bit. In fact it seems like he forgot to say the Angelus in other languages.

“Usually he would speak in different languages and we were hoping for that, but that's ok.”

“He's not a European. He's seen worldwide and that's very important.”

“I love that his words are very simple. They touch everyone. He's a very humble Pope, very human and good, especially what he said today about mercy.”

After celebrating the Angelus, the Pope wrote on Twitter. He thanked the crowd and also asked them to keep on praying for him.

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