Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope greets Cardinals in a relaxed and at ease meeting

What a wonderful gift from God we have in our new Pope Francis! He is such a warm, wise, loving and humble man! Thank you, Lord, for our dear Papa Francis!

March 15, 2013. ( On Friday, Pope Francis had his official greeting with Cardinals. He had a brief speech prepared, but he frequently stopped adding spontaneous and improvised comments. This is the style that's marking the beginning of Pope Francis' pontificate. The Pontiff actually stumbled after greeting Cardinal Angelo Sodano, but he reacted quickly and recovered his balance.

He thanked the Cardinals for the all the conversations they had leading up to the Conclave and especially the day when he was elected Pope in the Sistine Chapel. He said the Holy Spirit has a role that can't be denied.

“It's interesting and it makes me think that it's the Holy Spirit that makes a difference in the Church. The Paraclete seems to be an apostle of Babel, yet it unites all these differences, not by equating them, but by harmonizing them.”

Once again, the new Pope thanked Benedict XVI for his pontificate and his teachings. Addressing the Cardinals as 'brothers,' he told them that Cardinal Mejía had suffered a stroke.

“Dear Brothers, let's show courage. Half of us are in our golden years. But old age is the source of wisdom. Elders carry the wisdom that comes with life. It reminds me of Simon and Anna in the Temple, who because of their age were able to recognize Jesus clearly. Let's pass on this wisdom to the young. Just like good wine, improves with time, so does wisdom. Let's pass this on to other generations.”

The Pope personally greeted the Cardinals, once again showing what seemed to be a warm personality with the College of Cardinals. He smiled quite often and made others laugh as well.

He seemed so at ease, that he immediately wore a bracelet that says 'I believe in God' that was given to him as a gift by South African Cardinal Napier. The Pope also kissed the hand of Vietnamese Cardinal Pham Minh Man.

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