Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pope not yet elected: Black Smoke comes out of Sistine Chapel

March 12, 2013. (Romereports.com) No agreement was reached Tuesday afternoon, as cardinal electors finished their first voting round. Thousands of people gathered in St. Peter's Square, waiting to see if the famous smoke, emerging from the roof of the Sistine Chapel, was white or black.  

As expected, at roughly 8pm Rome time, black smoke came out of the chimney, as the world watched on.

Black smoke means a Pope was not elected, meaning no cardinal received 77 votes or more.

The next time smoke will emerge from the Sistine Chapel, will be Wednesday, at around noon. If no Pope has been elected, Cardinal electors will have a second voting round on Wednesday afternoon, at around 5pm. The results of that voting round are expected at roughly 7pm Rome time.

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