Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Bible: Sneak Previews for March 10

Week 2: Homeland / Kingdom 

After Moses comes the great warrior Joshua. With God’s help, and an army of hundreds, he succeeds in conquering Jericho – the gateway to the Promised Land. But the battles are far from over. The Israelites suffer at the hands of the combatant tribe that borders them - the deadly and ferocious Philistines. Even the strength of Samson is not enough to beat the deviousness of Delilah and her conspirators. Samson finally understands his purpose and destroys the Philistines, but the battles are far from over. Now the Israelites demand a king to protect their land. Prophet Samuel warns that kings are not the answer, but begrudgingly anoints Saul as Israel’s first Monarch. Saul is flawed, and he learns – too late – the importance of obeying God. As his power falls, a new star rises. David defeats the mighty Goliath and wins the hearts of the people. He also wins a new capital for God’s chose people – Jerusalem. But his greed for more is his downfall, and leads him to break God’s Commandments. The Golden Age of Jerusalem, and of his son Solomon’s Temple, is fleeting.

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