Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Marcus Grodi to Emcee Christendom's Catholic History Conference

Via the Cardinal Newman Society:

Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia, recently announced that it will hold its summer conference this July focusing on Catholic history. The College indicated that the event will be in memory of the late Catholic historian and founder of Christendom, Dr. Warren H. Carroll.

EWTN host Marcus Grodi is scheduled to emcee the conference, which will also feature "six prominent and dynamic historians," according to the College.

"History is essential in understanding who we are not only as human beings, but also as Catholics — as the people of God," says College President Dr. Timothy O'Donnell. "The Catholic vision of history offers a unique and accurate perspective of the events that occur during the great drama of the centuries. With the incarnation as the centerpiece of history, we see how the human experience encounters the divine, and how this encounter has changed the world forever." ...

    "The conference will surely inspire and inform all who participate," O'Donnell says. "In times like these, when we see the fabric of our society being ripped apart, we need to stop and focus on who we are and where we have been. It is often in examining and reflecting upon the past that we can find solutions to the problems we face today."

Christendom's summer conference will take place on July 13, 2013.  Learn more here.
Christendom College is recommended at TheNewmanGuide.com for its strong Catholic identity.

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