Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pope Francis: The Holy Spirit leads us towards Truth

May 15, 2013. ( For about 40 minutes, Pope Francis made his way through St. Peter's Square in the popemobile, as he greeted the crowds in St. Peter's Square. In fact a pilgrim actually asked the Pope to bless two white doves before setting them free. But it seemed like one of the doves wanted to stay with the Pope.

Next Sunday, exactly 40 days after Easter, the Catholic Church celebrates Pentecost. So during his catechesis, the Pope talked about the power and importance of the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit, then, as Jesus promises, guides us 'into all truth.' He leads us not only to an encounter with Jesus, the fullness of Truth, but guides us "into" the Truth.”

The Pope explained that truth is not an idea that everyone agrees with, nor is it a possession, rather he said, it's an encounter that's made possible by the Holy Spirit.
“Let's ask ourselves: are we open to the Holy Spirit, do I pray to him to enlighten me, to make me more sensitive to the things of God? And this is a prayer we need to pray every day, every day!”

As thousands of people looked on, the Pope announced that in September, he plans to visit the Italian Island of Sardinia, to pray before the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria. The Pope then talked about the connection between Our Lady and his native city of Buenos Aires.

“When the city of Buenos Aires was founded, the founder wanted to name the city the Holy Trinity, but the sailors who had took him there were Sardinian and they wanted the city to be named 'Our Lady of Bonaria.' They had their differences, but in the end they compromised. The name of the city was too long, it was 'The City of the Holy Trinity and the Port of Our Lady of Bon Aira.” So because the name was too long, it was just the last two words that stuck. 'Bon Aira' meaning Buenos Aires. But the root of the name honors our Lady.

At least for now, this will be the Pope's second trip outside of Rome. His first trip will be to Brazil from July 22nd to the 29th, where he will lead World Youth Day.

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