Friday, June 28, 2013

Audrey Assad, A unique style of Christian music

June 28, 2013. ( Meet song writer and singer Audrey Assad. She was born 30 years ago in the U.S, but her father is Syrian. Her passion for music began when she was still a little girl. In fact, by the age of two,  she was already playing around with the piano.

Her first album, titled 'The House You're Bulding' topped the Billboard charts for Christian music. In 2010, Amazon's digital music department named it best album of the year in its genre.

Her style is a unique mix of jazz and folk. It's been described as having a  harmonious flow, which she says is because of her mellow voice and piano skills.

Her latest album, released in 2010 and titled 'Heart', was very successful. Audrey Assad is now a benchmark singer in the US. Currently, she is working on her latest CD.

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