Thursday, August 15, 2013

Documentary shows how Our Lady brings back people to the Faith

August 15, 2013. ( Every year, an all across the world, millions of people visit sactuaries dedicated to Our Lady. Behind each pilgrim there's a story. A documentary “Fiction or Reality” shares the testimonies of people that have come back to the Catholic faith, after experiencing a type of intervention from the Mother of Christ.  

“I heard this voice that sounded so sweet, so... motherly. She told me, 'My son, it's enough. Are you ready to come back home?'”

Producer “Fiction or Reality”
“The movie is based on that. The easiest and most nurturing path to go back to God is through Mary.” 3:16 – 3:31 “It's very, very beautiful to see how Our Lady is not some precious legendary figure or a Greek tale. She is not just another legend.”

Juan Manuel Cotelo explained that the main goal of this film is to investigate, to learn more about the people's reality; including those who claim they speak to God himself.

Producer “Fiction or Reality”
“If someone says they speak to Michael Jackson we don't doubt it. We think they are either lying or mentally unstable, they need a psychiatrist. But there are millions, not one, but millions of people who claim to speak with Jesus Christ daily. Are they lying, crazy? Or do they speak the truth?”
“Let's talk about people that have lived without God for many years, and now live with Him. They have the authority to say, I've tested both recipes, and this one is better. Well, let's see if they are fed up, if they are mentally unstable, or if they show some truth.”

One of the surprising things for non-Catholics is the amount of devotion that Catholics display for the Virgin Mary. Their calendar is full of days dedicated to her, and her shrines are always full of pilgrims. “Fiction or Reality” helps the viewer understand the role Our Lady plays within the Catholic Church.

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