Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Patrons of the Arts: 30 years of celebrating art and the faith

October 23, 2013. ( Inside the Vatican, there are priceless works of art, like this one and....this one. Thanks to the Patrons of the Arts, these masterpieces are being restored for generations to come.    

The Blake family chose to restore a map of Lucano, where St. Gerard was born. It's something that's close to their hearts and their faith.

Patrons of the Arts
“My mother had a miscarriage unfortunately and nuns came to the room to comfort her in the hospital and said, pray to St. Gerard because he's the patron saint of mothers and fortunately a year later I was born.”

Patrons of the Arts (USA)
“So, my mother in law prayed to St. Gerard so that my husband would be born. That's why his name is Gerard. I followed that tradition and now our boy is named Gerard.”

Among the highlights, the Patrons were welcomed by Pope Francis who explained that art is much more than just beauty. Ultimately, art he said, is a way to evangelize.

“In every era, the Church has pursued the arts to express the beauty of faith and to proclaim the Evangelical message of God's magnificent creations.”

To celebrate the group's 30th anniversary, Patrons got to see exactly how their donations help restore the Vatican's massive art collection.

Patrons of the Arts (USA)
“We saw some of the presentations on the scientific and artistic ways they've been restored.”

There are thousands of Patrons, and reasons for becoming a member, differs from one person to the next.

Patrons of the Arts
“It just touches you in a way you just can't even imagine before that.”

Patrons of the Arts (USA)
“I'm fascinated by ceilings especially frescoes in ceilings.”

They say becoming members has not only strengthen their appreciation of the arts. Above all else it has strengthen their appreciation for the Catholic faith.

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