Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pope declares martyr a bishop killed by Communist regime

October 31, 2013. ( On Thursday Pope Francis declared an Austrian-born bishop as a martyr of the faith. Bishop Anton Durcovici died in 1951, inside a Romanian jail. He was tortured and eventually died from his mistreatment by the repressive Communist regime, which was hostile towards all Catholics.  

The Pope also recognized the heroic virtues of Onoria “Nano” Nagle. She was an Irish nun that founded the Presentation Sisters. She devoted her life to promoting education, especially for the poor and needy.

Italian Olga Gugelmo was known for her simplicity as well as her devotion and service to the Church. She died in 1943 from meningitis.

The Pope also recognized the heroic virtues of American nun Celestina Bottego. She was a teacher in Italy who later founded the Missionary Society of Mary, a congregation dedicated to helping out the poor and needy worldwide.

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