Friday, November 15, 2013

BREAKING: Gates Foundation, Common Core backers, openly support Abortion

Bill and Melinda Gates -- Photo courtesy of Cardinal Newman Society

The Gates Foundation, who paid the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) more than $100,000 to support teacher training and materials on implementing the Common Core school standards in Catholic education, are now openly supporting abortion, as the following news article reports.

New York, November 15 (C-FAM) When world leaders pledged over $2.6 billion to Melinda Gates' global family planning campaign, she assured them, “This is not about abortion.” The wife of billionaire Bill Gates branded her campaign “No Controversy.”

Yet this week the Gates Foundation is hosting an international conference in Ethiopia on the campaign and a significant number of workshops focus on abortion.

An estimated 3,000 people are expected to attend the meeting designed to build on last year’s London Summit where governments, corporations and wealthy foundations pledged political and financial commitments to increase family planning in developing countries. Melinda Gates is scheduled to speak.

“Some people think when we talk about contraception, that it's code for abortion, which it's not,” Melinda Gates said in April 2012 when she launched the campaign. “We’re not talking about abortion.”

On the agenda for the family planning conference in Ethiopia are sessions titled “Efforts to Implement Policies that Expand Access to Safe Abortion,” “Access to Safe Abortions,” “Abortion and Quality of Care,” and “Abortion: Before and After.” These feature representatives of the world's top abortion providers--Ipas, Planned Parenthood, and Marie Stopes--as well as other pro-abortion groups.

Abortion is also the topic of two of the five poster exhibits and several “topical roundtables,” including an Ipas-chaired discussion promoting the World Health Organization’s problematic guidelines on how to do abortions.

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