Friday, November 15, 2013

Pope presides over episcopal consecration of Fernando Vergez Alzaga

November 15, 2013. ( Even though the Pope decided to cancel his morning meetings because of a slight cold, he did celebrate an evening Mass in St. Peter's Basilica.  

Despite feeling under the weather, he presided over the episcopal consecration of Fernando Vergez Alzaga, who was named Secretary General of the Governorate of the Vatican City State back in August.  In his Homily, the Pope highlighted that true power comes with service.

“Being part of the Episcopate, is in fact, about service. It's not an honor. The work of a Bishop is about service and not about dominance.”

Vergez Alzaga, who is a Legionary of Christ priest, is 68 years old. He was born in Salamanca, Spain and was ordained into the priesthood in 1969. Following tradition, the newly ordained bishop, laid face down on the Basilica's floor, as the Pope knelt, and prayed for him. Then, one by one, Cardinals blessed the new bishop by briefly praying over him.

For many years, the new bishop was the personal secretary of late Argentine Cardinal Eduardo Pironio. The Pope directly thanked him for his silent and humble service to the Church and to his friend.

“With tenderness and charity you accompanied  Cardinal Pironio. I'm sure that he is among us now, in this very moment, smiling down.”

The Sistine Chapel Choir sang during the Mass, which was attended by several cardinals, bishops and Vatican officials. Vergez Alzaga, has also served with the Vatican's Telecommunications Department.

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