Thursday, December 05, 2013

‘Tips for Jesus’: Mystery Man Leaves Massive Tips at Restaurants Across U.S

What a great way to share the Christmas spirit!

A mystery diner is changing the lives of some lucky restaurant workers across the country. The customer is leaving huge tips, some as large as $5,000, and signing every one of those checks “Tips for Jesus.”

The do-gooder at this point remains anonymous. Across the country, in California, Illinois, and Michigan, all the tabs have been covered by one American Express Black Card.  Based on the types of establishments frequented, it is speculated that he is a college football fan.

The owner of the Moon Dogs bar in Washington was shocked when he and his staff received a $5,000 tip on a $576 bar tab. Darryl Baldwin recalled asking the man if he was sure he wanted to leave such a large gratuity. “The guy goes, ‘Absolutely, you know I made a ton of money in my life. This is my way of giving back.’”

Via Fox Insider News.

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