Saturday, April 12, 2014

St. Julius, pope

The saint of the   day for April 12 is St. Julius, a Roman who was chosen Pope on February 6, 337. 

Julius succeeded Pope Saint Mark, who had only reigned as pope for nine months. Immediately after taking office, Julius was involved with the Arian controversy. When Arians removed Anthanius of Alexandria from office and exiled him, Julius defended him and gave him refuge in Rome. He called a synod in 340 to clear him of charges brought against him and to affirm the right of bishops to appeal to the pope for redress. Eusebius of Nicomedia was against the return of Anthanasius so he and his followers elected George for the see of Alexandria. However, the Arians in Egypt wanted another man, named Pistus, to be bishop. They pleaded with Julius to bring Pistus into communion with Rome.

In a letter to the Eusebian bishops, Julius declared Athanasius the rightful bishop of Alexandria and reinstated him. Julius, who died on April 12, 352, is credited with the reorganizing of the papal chancery.

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