Wednesday, April 09, 2014

St. Waudu

The saint of the day for April 9 is St. Waudu. Also known as St. Waltrude, she came from an extremely saintly family in Belgium. Her parents, her husband and her three children were declared saints. Her husband was the Count of Hennegau - and after their children were born, she convinced him to become a monk. He later founded an abbey at Haumont.

She gave away all of her possessions, built a small house and lived alone. However, many people still sought her wisdom and advice. Eventually, she had so many followers that she had to have a monastery built, around which the current town of Mons developed. By the time of her death in 688, she had become famous for her charity and her miraculous healings.

She is the patron saint of Hainault, Belgium and Mons, Belgium.

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