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Blessed Anne of Saint Bartholomew, OCD.

Today, June 6, we honor Blessed Anne of Saint Bartholomew, OCD.

Anne was born at Almendral (Avila) on Oct. 10, 1549, and died at Anvers in Belgium on June 7, 1626. In her youth she was a shepherdess, hut already graced by deep mystical experiences. In 1570 she joined the Discalced Carmelite nuns of the first monastery of St. Joseph in Avila as the first lay sister of the reform. Anne was very dear to St. Teresa of Avila, who admitted her to profession on Aug. 15, 1572. She soon became the assistant and travel-companion of the reformer, who ordered Anne to learn to write, which she did almost miraculously. The saint also wished to die in the arms of Anne, at Alba de Tonnes on Oct. 4, 1582. Anne was a member of the communities of Avila, Madrid (1591) and Ocaña (1595); in 1604 she went into France with Anne of Jesus and four other nuns to initiate the reform there.

Shortly after her arrival in Paris, she was obliged to accept, under obedience, the black veil of a choir nun; she was then elected prioress of Pontoise (1605) and of Tours (1608). Having returned to Paris (1611), she obtained permission to transfer to Flanders, despite the opposition of Bérulle, in order to place herself under the direction of the Discalced Carmelites. After a year spent at Mons, in Belgium, on Oct. 12, 1612, she left to found a monastery at Anvers, where she spent the last fourteen years of her life. Here she was surrounded by the esteem of the archdukes and all the people of Anvers. Twice, through her prayers, she freed the city from almost certain occupation by the heretics. She died on the feast of the Trinity in 1626, and God blessed her memory with graces and miracles.

Pope Clement XII approved her heroic virtues on June 29, 1735, and Pope Benedict XV beatified her on May 6, 1917. In 1937 and 1938 the process of examination of asserted miracles was reopened. Her feast is celebrated in the Order on June 7. Her body is preserved in the monastery of Anvers.

~ Via Carmelnet.

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