Friday, June 20, 2014

Pope: Religious Persecution attacks peace and it belittles our dignity

Religious liberty is present, said the Pope, when people can express their faith publicly and not just in private.

"The fact that religious persecution still exists and that it provokes war is unacceptable. This damages our rationality, it's an attempt against peace and it belittles the dignity of men and women.”

The Pope addressed an international conference on religious liberty, welcoming the group to the Vatican.

He said that, nowadays, Christians are persecuted more than in the early days of the Church. There are also more martyrs now, he explained,  than centuries ago.

"It pains me a great deal to know that Christians, from around the world, suffer the most from this discrimination. This is happening more than 1,700 years after Constantine signed the Edict of Milan, granting Christians the right to express their faith freely.”

The International Conference was carried out by Rome´s LUMSA University and St. John´s University School of Law, to delve into how religious freedom can affect both international law and global conflict.

~ Via Rome Reports.

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